Thursday, May 18, 2006

Markus Wolf - Jewish spymaster

Markus Wolf was at one time the boss of the Stasi, the East German spy service.

"After the collapse of the USSR and communist East Germany, it was found that the head of the espionage department in East Germany (Markus Wolf) was a double agent who actually worked for Israel. In turn, Israel asked that he be pardoned and granted him political asylum. It is interesting to note that Wolf was responsible for training and directing Palestinian communists, some of whom hijacked civilian airplanes and were responsible for a variety of attacks in European cities." Equating Resistance to Occupation with Terrorism

Political analyst Al Martin reported that the US Homeland Security hired former Stasi head, the 'Silver Fox' Markus Wolf. Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?

As East German intelligence chief, Wolf 'achieved great success in penetrating the government, political and business circles of West Germany with spies. The most influential case was that of Günter Guillaume that led to the fall of chancellor Willy Brandt.' Markus Wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"If I go down in espionage history, it may well be for perfecting the use of sex in spying," Wolf wrote of his "matchmaking" exploits in his 1997 memoir, Man Without a Face. BBC NEWS Special Report 1999 09/99 Britain betrayed Spy ...

"A Berlin newspaper, Berliner Morgenpost, has suggested the possibility that the Stasi and the KGB used paedophiles to blackmail people and that Dutroux was used for this purpose. Several Belgian citizens, some of whom have worked for more than fifteen years against pedocriminality, discovered tracks of the same sort leading to the CIA. A former Belgian Prime Minister, who worked for the Americans, was a rapist of girls, sometimes at the pink ballets attended by top people from the police, magistrature, political world and financial world. Some of them belong to the Bilderberg group..." dignaction - enjeux du procès Dutroux

"One of the leading Belgian government officials of the 1980's, Jean Gol, who served as defense minister and also as interior minister,was a cousin of East Germany's Stasi Colonel, Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski. Gol was also the head of the Belgian-Israeli Friendship Society, and was widely reputed as having direct ties to the Mossad. The relationship between the cousins, who met regularly in Brussels, Vienna, and Stockholm, has never been publicly investigated. Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay

Hans von Katte

Frederick II, was King of Prussia from 1740-1786.

He was called Frederick the Great and he has always been popular with right-wing, militaristic Germans, such as Hitler.

In Frederick's Prussia, the death sentence was mandatory for sodomy.

Frederick was brought up in a strict militaristic way. He took a keen interest in academic matters.

During his childhood, Frederick had two 'intimate' friends: Keith from a Scottish Jacobite family and Hans von Katte. Hans was the nephew of the mistress of the English king, George I.

Frederick plotted with Keith and Hans to escape from Prussia.

The plot was discovered.

Frederick's father had Hans von Katte beheaded and made Frederick watch the execution.

Frederick became King of Prussia in 1740. During his reign he fought several bloody wars and doubled the size of his country. Frederick could be seen as one of the founders of modern Germany.

Frederick took little interest in his wife and had no children.

He collected statues of Antinous, who was Roman Emperor Hadrian's lover, and of Ganymede.

He liked pages and 'was known to caress, tickle, or pinch the ear of some favoured page'.

Frederick used to relax with his buddies at the Sans Souci palace at Potsdam, a palace like Hadrian's one at Tivoli. San Souci had statues of beautiful boys.

Some of Frederick's love poems, printed at Sans-Souci in 1750, are addressed to one of his favourites, Count Von Kaiserlinck (given the name Cesarion):

Cesarion, let us keep unspoiled
Our faith, and be true friends,
And pair our lives like noble Greeks,
And to like noble ends !
That friend from friend may never hide
A fault through weakness or thro' pride,
Or sentiment that cloys
Thus gold in fire the brighter glows,
And far more rare and precious grows,
Refined from all alloys.


Frederick's valet was called Fredersdorf. Frederick addressed him as "du".

When Frederick's father was dying, Frederick wrote to his close friend Algarotti:

My dear Algarotti, my destiny has changed. I await you impatiently; don't let me languish for you.


My dear Algarotti, I await you with great impatience, happier to possess you as a friend than to receive your letters as an envoy.

Books on Frederick:

Robert B. Asprey, (1988), "Frederick the Great: Magnificent Enigma", Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Costello.
Thomas Carlyle (1858-65), "The History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Called Frederick the Great", 10 volumes, London: Chapman and Hall.
David Fraser, (2000), "Frederick the Great", Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 704 pages, ISBN 0 713 99377 4/0 14 028 590 3.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Henry James Prince

Henry James Prince (1811–1899), the founder the Agapemonites, was born in Bath, in Britain.

He experienced an evangelical conversion.

He married his mother's lodger, Martha Freeman, who was much older than him.

In 1839 he was ordained.

He called himself Elijah and claimed that Jesus was about to appear.

In 1846 Prince's community set up a community called Agapemone, or ‘abode of love’.

Prince was ‘spiritually married’ to a young member of the community, Anne Willet Paterson, also known as Zoe.

Zoe gave birth to a daughter, Eve. There were rumours of orgies.

In 1860 there was the case of Nottidge v. Prince; relatives of a deceased member of the community successfully contested her will; they showed how Prince had got control of his followers' assets.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Eton schoolboys

Nick Fraser has recently written:

'THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ETON: Inside the World’s Most Powerful School'

(Short Books £12.99)

According to Fraser, Etonians sometimes see their schooldays as being the best days of their lives. At Eton, boys are with boys.

In a review of Fraser's book in The Sunday Times, 4 June 2006, John Carey describes Fraser's view of Eton:

In thrall to the old-school ties - Sunday Times - Times Online

"Nothing in later life can compete (with Eton), particularly not women. There must be 'many hundreds of Eton lives', (Fraser) believes, in which women and wives are mere shadows beside the company of other men.

"Same-sex relations took place in the school, he recalls.... Seniors demanding blow-jobs of younger boys, and invitations to mutual masturbation sessions, figure among his memories. 'Did I sleep with you?' is the opening remark of one old Etonian he meets.

"He was subjected to a furtive sexual assault by the headmaster, Anthony Chenevix-Trench, whose proclivities in this area were not made public until after his death..."

Nick Cohen, in an article about Paul Foot in the Observer, refers to Chevenix-Trench:

Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports NIck Cohen: The ...

"Even by the standards of England's public schools, Anthony Chenevix-Trench, (Paul Foot's) housemaster at Shrewsbury, was a flagellomaniac.

"Foot recalled: 'He would offer his culprit an alternative: four strokes with the cane, which hurt; or six with the strap, with trousers down, which didn't. Sensible boys always chose the strap, despite the humiliation, and Trench, quite unable to control his glee, led the way to an upstairs room, which he locked, before hauling down the miscreant's trousers, lying him face down on a couch and lashing out with a belt.'

"Naturally, Chenevix-Trench was promoted and became a headmaster, first of Eton and then of Fettes. Exposing him in Private Eye was one of Foot's happiest days in journalism. He received hundreds of congratulatory letters from the child abuser's old pupils, many of whom were now prominent in British life."

According to Fraser:

Etonians appear “arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order, or at the very least, as Alan Bennett puts it, exotic creatures beyond the comprehension of lesser mortals educated at state schools”.

Godfrey Smith, in the Sunday Times, 28 May 2006, refers to some famous Etonians:

Reform school - Sunday Times - Times Online

Darius Guppy... went to prison for six years for trying to swindle Lloyd’s out of £1.8m by staging a fake jewellery robbery.

A rather similar fate overtook the playboy Etonian Lord Brocket, who once owned 42 Ferraris. When the classic-car market collapsed, he dismantled four Ferraris, hid them and claimed the insurance money.

He could hardly, however, match the notoriety of Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal, who in 2001 in a drunken rage mowed down eight of his family, including his father, thus becoming king for a few minutes till he turned his gun on himself. Nevertheless he is listed on the Eton website as the king of Nepal.

Equally notorious is Lord Lucan, who killed his children’s nanny by mistake before going missing.

Simon Mann, son of a former England cricket captain, languishes in a Zimbabwean prison after being convicted of plotting to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea.

Ronnie Ferguson, father of the Duchess of York, and Lord Lambton were both involved in sex scandals, while the Tory minister Alan Clark was a renowned bounder who was once threatened with horse-whipping by a judge whose wife and two daughters he had seduced.

Jimmy Goldsmith was the kind of cad who kept a wife in London and a mistress in Paris.