Monday, May 15, 2006

Henry James Prince

Henry James Prince (1811–1899), the founder the Agapemonites, was born in Bath, in Britain.

He experienced an evangelical conversion.

He married his mother's lodger, Martha Freeman, who was much older than him.

In 1839 he was ordained.

He called himself Elijah and claimed that Jesus was about to appear.

In 1846 Prince's community set up a community called Agapemone, or ‘abode of love’.

Prince was ‘spiritually married’ to a young member of the community, Anne Willet Paterson, also known as Zoe.

Zoe gave birth to a daughter, Eve. There were rumours of orgies.

In 1860 there was the case of Nottidge v. Prince; relatives of a deceased member of the community successfully contested her will; they showed how Prince had got control of his followers' assets.



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