Thursday, May 18, 2006

Markus Wolf - Jewish spymaster

Markus Wolf was at one time the boss of the Stasi, the East German spy service.

"After the collapse of the USSR and communist East Germany, it was found that the head of the espionage department in East Germany (Markus Wolf) was a double agent who actually worked for Israel. In turn, Israel asked that he be pardoned and granted him political asylum. It is interesting to note that Wolf was responsible for training and directing Palestinian communists, some of whom hijacked civilian airplanes and were responsible for a variety of attacks in European cities." Equating Resistance to Occupation with Terrorism

Political analyst Al Martin reported that the US Homeland Security hired former Stasi head, the 'Silver Fox' Markus Wolf. Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?

As East German intelligence chief, Wolf 'achieved great success in penetrating the government, political and business circles of West Germany with spies. The most influential case was that of Günter Guillaume that led to the fall of chancellor Willy Brandt.' Markus Wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"If I go down in espionage history, it may well be for perfecting the use of sex in spying," Wolf wrote of his "matchmaking" exploits in his 1997 memoir, Man Without a Face. BBC NEWS Special Report 1999 09/99 Britain betrayed Spy ...

"A Berlin newspaper, Berliner Morgenpost, has suggested the possibility that the Stasi and the KGB used paedophiles to blackmail people and that Dutroux was used for this purpose. Several Belgian citizens, some of whom have worked for more than fifteen years against pedocriminality, discovered tracks of the same sort leading to the CIA. A former Belgian Prime Minister, who worked for the Americans, was a rapist of girls, sometimes at the pink ballets attended by top people from the police, magistrature, political world and financial world. Some of them belong to the Bilderberg group..." dignaction - enjeux du procès Dutroux

"One of the leading Belgian government officials of the 1980's, Jean Gol, who served as defense minister and also as interior minister,was a cousin of East Germany's Stasi Colonel, Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski. Gol was also the head of the Belgian-Israeli Friendship Society, and was widely reputed as having direct ties to the Mossad. The relationship between the cousins, who met regularly in Brussels, Vienna, and Stockholm, has never been publicly investigated. Conspiracy Planet - Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter - Bush-Cheney ...


aangirfan: BELGIUM - DUTROUX - Was Dutroux working for the ...

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux



Blogger Jeremy said...

There's no evidence that Wolf ever got hired. The story was a rumor which never was followed up on.

I wrote up the tenuous link between stasi-like operations and Homeland Security and Fusion Centers, recently.

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