Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Findlater and Fischer

James Ogilvy, 1750-1811, was Earl of Findlater and Earl of Seafield. (The Earls of Findlater)

He was born at Huntingtower Castle, in Perthshire, Scotland.

In 1779, he married Christina Teresa Murray but he left her two years later.

Between 1793 and 1810, he made 14 trips to Carlsbad, a spa in the Austrian Empire.

In 1801, in Carlsbad, he erected Findlater's Temple, a neoclassical gazebo.

He owned vineyards at Loschwitz near Dresden.

His close friend was Johann Georg Fischer.

When James Ogilvy died, Fischer was his sole heir.

Fischer was sued, successfully, by James Ogilvy's Scottish relatives.

They claimed that Fischer had become Ogilvy's heir as the result of a sexual bond between the two men.



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