Saturday, March 07, 2009

King Hussein of Jordan

Many world leaders work for the CIA.

Reportedly, King Hussein of Jordan worked for the CIA.

One of his handlers was former CIA station chief in Amman Jordan, Jack O'Connell.

On 2 March 2009, Haaretz had an article based on a new biography of King Hussein of Jordan (1935-99) - A Hashemite Cassandra

The biography, "King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life" (Yale University Press, 2008), is by Nigel Ashton, a senior lecturer at the London School of Economics.

It refers to CIA paymasters, LSD and fortune tellers.

Among the points made:

1. Hussein received "hundreds of thousands of dollars in brown envelopes from Americans, though he was too noble to open them in front of his CIA handler."

2. Linda Christian, a "fading starlet" from Hollywood, brought LSD to one of Hussein's parties. Hussein needed medical treatment afterward.

3. In September 1970, Black September, Hussein attacked certain Palestinians. (Black September in Jordan)

Hussein chose the day to attack based on the advice of his sister-in-law's fortune teller in London.

4. Hussein feared Egypt's President Nasser was plotting against him.

Hussein leaked the Israeli decision to declare war on Egypt, on 5 June 1967, to Nasser.

Nasser suspected this leak was a trick aimed to make him surrender.

5. In September 1973, Hussein revealed to Golda Meir that Anwar Sadat and Hafez Assad were planning to attack Israel.

Reportedly, she refused to believe that war was imminent.

6. Reportedly, Hussein got on well with Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin.


When there were bomb explosions in hotels in Jordan, on 9 November 2005, the media blamed Moslem extremists from Iraq.

However, it is likely that the CIA and Jordan's General Intelligence Directorate and Mossad know differently.

Among the dead were thirty-six Jordanians, mostly from a Muslim wedding, six Iraqis, five Palestinians, two Arab-Israelis, and three Chinese delegates of the People's Liberation Army.

The Palestinian fatalities included Major-General Bashir Nafeh, the head of military intelligence in the West Bank, Colonel Abed Allun, a high-ranking Preventive Security forces official, Jihad Fatouh, the commercial attache at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo, and Mosab Khorma, a senior Palestinian-American banker.

Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Victoria and Albert


In the UK Daily Mail, 4 March 2009, A N Wilson asks: Were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both illegitimate?

Wilson points out:

1. When George IV died, the throne passed to his younger brother King William IV.

William IV had ten children by the actress Mrs Jordan. But, William IV had no surviving legitimate children.

2. After William IV came Queen Victoria, daughter of the Duke of Kent.

3. The young Victoria had been dominated by 'the evil genius' of Sir John Conroy, an Irish soldier who was Comptroller of the Duchess's household.

Queen Victoria told the Duke of Wellington that one reason she hated Sir John was that she had witnessed 'some familiarities' between Conroy and her mother.

There is a suspicion that Victoria was Conroy's daughter.

The old Duke of Kent was well 'past it' at the time when Victoria was conceived.

Victoria's grandfather, George III, suffered from the condition known as porphyria, whose symptoms included 'madness'.

Not one of Queen Victoria's descendants has ever been recorded as having it.

Queen Victoria passed on haemophilia to her descendants.

Seventeen generations of the family on Queen Victoria's mother's side have been investigated by scientists at the Royal Society of Medicine. Not one has haemophilia.

Nor was there any haemophilia in the Royal Family before Victoria.

4. Victoria's husband Prince Albert may have been illegitimate. Albert's father may have been Jewish.

Albert's mother was dismissed from the court of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for having an affair with the Jewish chamberlain, the Baron von Mayern.

Albert's father, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg had hereditary syphilis.

There is no trace of this in the life of Albert.

5. From Victoria and Albert are descended the royal families of Prussia (later Germany), Russia, Spain, Denmark, Greece and Sweden.