Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lindsay Anderson

Photo of Lindsay Anderson found at: intellyblog.wordpress.com/page/2/

Lindsay Anderson (1923-1994), the director of film masterpieces such as 'If', had a tendency to fall in love with his actors, including Richard Harris, Albert Finney, and Malcolm McDowell.

'If', a film about an English private school, showed naked adolescent boys in the shower.

Lindsay Anderson belonged to 'the golden age of British cinema' in the 1960s.

Anderson was born in 1923 in Bangalore, India. His father was a captain in the British army.

As a boy, Anderson attended Cheltenham, an English private school. There he met his lifelong friend Gavin Lambert. Reportedly, Lambert and Anderson were both gay.

In 1963, Anderson directed the film This Sporting Life, which contained nude bathing scenes.

In 1968, Anderson directed If, which was filmed at Cheltenham school.

The film depicted homosexual relationships among schoolboys.



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