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Anthony Blunt

Blunt and the Queen.

The memoirs of Anthony Blunt, an MI5 officer and 'Soviet spy', are in the news.

The Royal Family shielded Blunt for 15 years until he was exposed by Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

'According to a new source' (illegitimate child of George V), as World War II came to an end, Blunt was sent to Germany to collect the letters exchanged between Empress Frederick and her mother Queen Victoria. This was to prevent the Russians or Americans seizing them.

According to the source, Blunt told his colleagues he was the illegitimate child of King George V, by his mother, Hilda Blunt.

Reportedly Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included included a lot of top people. (aangirfan: Sexpionage)

Reportedly, Sir Anthony Blunt believed the murder of actor Peter Arne was connected to top people.

Reportedly, Peter Arne supplied rent boys to the film and aristocratic world. (Cached)

Reportedly Arne shared boys with the head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)

Lord Victor Rothschild, who was extremely influential within MI5 and MI6, was a close friend of Anthony Blunt.

According to T. Stokes (Sir Anthony Blunt): "Blunt and F. B. I Chief J. Edgar Hoover both subscribed to the theory that the Jewish underground, the 'Sanyanim', supported Russia through World War two.

"Blunts colleague and fellow traitor Kim Philby actually married Litzi Friedman, a Jewish underground runner for Soviet Intelligence...

"While undergoing a cataract operation, Blunt 'blurted out to the surgeon accusations about the comedy actor Charlie Chaplin being blackmailed into being a top A.I.P (agent in place) for the Jewish underground, under threat of exposure about his tastes in underage girls, his recruitment by Lord Victor Rothschild, of his own involvement with both the Russians, and of Blunt being turned on sexually by the shiny boots, and fur busbies that Guardsmen wore...'

"Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace. Blunt was unusually angry over this murder.

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers."

Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies. (Cached)

Anthony Blunt: His Lives by Miranda Carter Books

Anthony Blunt at Wikipedia

The Cambridge Five

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Did Crown Prince Rudolph really die at Mayerling?

Emperor Franz Joseph and his son Rudolf

Austria's Crown Prince Rudolf, born in 1858, was the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth.

Rudolf was married to Princess Stephanie of Belgium in 1881.

Reportedly, it was a loveless marriage.

Reportedly, on 30 January 1889, at the hunting lodge called Mayerling, Rudolf, and his 17 year old mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera, were found dead.

Mary Vetsera

Rudolph and Stephanie

The official report on the deaths claimed that Rudolph shot Vetsera in the head before shooting himself with his own gun.

In 1992 the 'remains of Baroness Vetsera' were examined.

The skull contained no evidence of a bullet hole.

(Article about "Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria".)

A report on 'Rudolph's body', made at the time of his death, showed evidence of a violent struggle.

The report noted that the gun, said to be involved in the death of Rudolph, did not belong to Rudolph.


There have been claims that Rudolph was murdered, possibly on orders from his father, the Emperor.

Some suspect that Rudolph was assassinated by the Austrian secret police because he was seen as being too liberal.

Reportedly, Crown Prince Rudolph was associated with 'political Jews'. (Cached )

Empress Zita, the widow of the last Austrian Emperor Karl (1916-1918) claimed that Rudolph had been murdered after he had refused to take part in a French plot to depose his pro-German conservative father.

Marie Larisch

Rudolph had been inroduced to his mistress Mary Vetsera by Countess Marie Louise Larisch von Moennich, niece of the Empress Elisabeth.

Marie Louise Larisch was the illegitimate daughter of Ludwig Wilhelm, Duke of Bavaria (1831-1920) and actress Henriette Mendel (1833-1891). Countess Marie Larisch von Moennich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marie is said to have been given a great deal of "hush money" not to publish her memoirs.

Reportedly, she exiled herself to the United StatesUnited States in exchange for an annual pension.

But she did published her memoirs.

She claimed Rudolph had been shot by one of the Emperor's servants.

Eventually Archduke Franz-Ferdinand, who was assassinated in 1914, became the Emperor's heir.

Justo Armas

Justo Armas appeared in El Salvador in the late 19th century.

(Justo Armas)

He mixed with the top people.

He had upper-class European manners, spoke educated German and had a detailed knowledge of upper class European society and court affairs, including those of Austria.

There is a theory that Crown Prince Rudolf was not murdered but was allowed to go into exile.

And that Vetsera entered a convent.

Reportedly, Rudolf sailed from Hamburg to Argentina in a ship owned by his cousin, Archduke Johann Salvator.

Reportedly, Rudolf lived in Argentina for nearly ten years.

Reportedly, he moved to El Salvador in 1898 and died there in 1936.

Reportedly, Rudolph was Justo Armas.

Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?

And which Crown Prince is this?

Miranda Ponsonby

The Making of Miranda (2009), by Miranda Ponsonby, is the true story of Rhodri Davies (an aristocrat)

Six feet tall Rhodri has been a big game hunter, a soldier with the Life Guards and a gentleman farmer.

Rhodri's home contains pictures of Rhodri's two sons at Eton, and pictures of Rhodri riding behind the Queen in Whitehall and Rhodri on the polo field.

At his private school Rhodri had sex with boys.

Rhodri played polo with Prince Philip.

Rhodri reports that Ronald Ferguson, the father of Prince Andrew's former wife Sarah Ferguson, introduced Rhodri to a very posh bordello called Ma Feathers.

Rhodri married and he and his family lived in a manor house which had a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Rhodri then had a sex-change operation and called herself Miranda.

Miranda had a relationship with 'Harold', an Oxford don.

Harold, apparently unaware that Miranda was born male, proposed to Miranda.

They split up when Miranda began training to be a nurse at Guy’s Hospital.


Robert McNamara


Robert McNamara "was an instinctive liberal, driving a battered Ford, living in university suburbs..."

"He saw himself as an 'enlightened rationalist'."

(Robert McNamara The Economist)

And he burnt lots of babies to death.

He was US Secretary of Defence from 1961 to 1968.

And during that time the USA carried out saturation bombing in Vietnam.

From 1961 to 1971, the U.S. military sprayed Vietnam with Agent Orange, which contained Dioxin

McNamara knew about the highly toxic effects of Agent Orange, made by Dow Chemical.

In 1965, Dow's internal report stated that dioxin could be "exceptionally toxic" to humans and that "fatalities have been reported in the literature."

McNamara attended meetings where the human health hazards of dioxin were discussed.

McNamara's 'other' crimes: the stories you haven't heard.

Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.

"The Vietnamese who were exposed to the chemical have suffered from cancer, liver damage, pulmonary and heart diseases, defects to reproductive capacity, and skin and nervous disorders.

"Children and grandchildren of those exposed have severe physical deformities, mental and physical disabilities, diseases, and shortened life spans.

"The forests and jungles in large parts of southern Vietnam have been devastated and denuded. They may never grow back and if they do, it will take 50 to 200 years to regenerate.

"Animals that inhabited the forests and jungles have become extinct, disrupting the communities that depended on them. The rivers and underground water in some areas have also been contaminated." - Brutal daily reality: agent Orange Continues to Poison Vietnam and ...


nobody said...

Not forgetting the fire-bombing of Tokyo. That was his gig. More people died in that than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also not forgetting that in the USS Liberty affair, McNamara, in spite of not having been told whodunnit nor even knowing if the Liberty had sunk or not, launched nuclear armed A4's at Egypt.

The only reason McNamara didn't become the second person in history (with LBJ sure enough) to have used nukes is because the Israelis failed to sink the most lightly armed boat in the US Navy and the nukes were recalled. Which is to say 'sheer dumb luck'.

If anyone is dubious on this, just hit google movies and find 'Dead in the Water' by the BBC. Worth watching!


Supposedly, this is Tsar Nicholas II, in captivity in Russia, in March 1917.

There seems to be a conspiracy by the elite to prove that Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed in Russia in 1918.

Paul Theroux, in his travel book Ghost Train To The Eastern Star, describes his meeting in Sri Lanka with Arthur C Clarke.

Clarke appears to believe that Tsar Nicholas II was safely in England in 1918.

Clarke tells Theroux of the time when, as a very small child, he 'shared bed and breakfast with the Tsar of Russia.'

Clarke says of the Tsar's family: 'They were in exile in England in 1918.'

Nicholas and family in 1910

After the supposed death of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, in 1918, there were people who claimed to have seen and spoken with Nicholas II as he walked down a street in London. (Russian Royal Family - The Romanov 'Pretenders')

In 1892, a 'lunatic' had hit Nicholas on the forehead with a samurai sword.

Michael Gray, who was principal of Lurgan college in Northern Ireland, has pointed out that the supposed skull of Nicholas II has no mark resulting from the attempt on his life.

Michael Gray claimed in his book Blood Relative that the Tzar's son Alexei, and the Dowager Empress, escaped from Russia aboard the warship HMS Marlborough.

Gray claims Alexei took the name Nikolai Chebotarev and secretly married the widowed Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, in the late 1940s

Gray claims he is the illegitimate son of the Alexei and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. (Cached )

The name Michael Gray is a pseudonym for William Lloyd Lavery.

King George V (right) with his first cousin Tsar Nicholas II, Berlin, 1913.

In The Secret Plot to Save the Tsar, Shay McNeal claims that the official story of the death of the Tsar is not necessarily true and that the so called DNA evidence is not conclusive.

There was DNA analysis of bones discovered in a pit in Russia in 1991. A comparison was made with DNA from Prince Philip. Some experts conclude that the bones could have belonged to members of the extended royal family. (Cached )

The Orthodox Church still does not officially accept the authenticity of the bones found in the pit. (Search on - The Independent )

According to The Sunday Times, 15 october 2006, there was a British plot to rescue the Tsar.

British spies in plot to save tsar - Times Online

The diary of Captain Stephen Alley, second in command of British intelligence in St Petersburg, has been discovered in a trunk.

This shows Alley organised four spies to be ready to help the deposed Tsar Nicholas II and his family escape from the house where they were held.

The diary includes a sketch map of the house and its surroundings.

Reportedly, both King George V and the government of Lloyd George were willing to rescue the family.

The diary shows that the tsar and his family were to be taken to Murmansk by train and then put on board a Royal Naval ship.

Tsarevich Alexei, left, and Grand Duchess Olga, right, aboard a ship that took them to Yekaterinburg in May 1918. This is the last known photo of Alexei and Olga.

Could William Lloyd Lavery (Michael Gray) be the son of Alexei?

The evidence:

1. DNA tests against the bones of the Tsar 'show he is a close match and in the same rare A positive blood group'.

2. Tests show that 'his skull is a close match to that of the tsarina and her daughters'.

3. Evidence from his supposed real mother’s medical records show she never gave birth.

4. Photographs 'show him with Russian aristocrats as a baby'.

5. In letters from the Orthodox Archbishop Theophan of Poltava, Chebotarev, who may have been Alexei, was addressed as a prince.

6. Princess Marina 'visited Chebotarev in Northern Ireland'.

7. Records show 'unexplained gaps in Princess Marina’s schedule between August 1947 and February 1948.'

8. There is 'evidence that Lloyd Lavery's (Michael Gray's) birth certificate was altered to conceal his real place of birth'.

9. Photographs 'show a striking resemblance' between Mr Lloyd Lavery, Tsar Nicholas and Alexei. This resemblance 'is reproduced in Mr Lloyd Lavery’s son'.


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