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Stefan King (

A. Who is Stefan King?

And what link might he have to the disappeared gay Glasgow politician Steven Purcell?

Stefan King is an owner of gay pubs and clubs in Glasgow.

He has a Jewish mother.

He is worth at least £30 million. (The man who would be King - The Scotsman)

King set up Club X, a gay venue, on Glasgow's Royal Exchange Square.

He then opened Delmonicas, a gay bar on the edge of Glasgow's Merchant City.

Glasgow's Merchant City was "an area King would make his own, creating a stylish new gay quarter in the heart of town."

When King added Cafe Latte and the Polo lounge to his empire, he "had the gay market sewn up."

In 2005, Steven Purcell, the Leader of Glasgow City Council, announced that Glasgow's former General Post Office building on George Square, owned by Stefan King's G1 group, had been sold to developers. (GPO Building Sold)

Stefan King had originally bought the building for £5 million in 1999. (King profits from sale of GPO.)

He was given "at least £550,000 in refurbishment and training grants for it in 2000."

He made "a large amount of money from selling advertising on it."

He sold it for £12 million.

Steven Purcell said: "I used my influence as Leader to help facilitate negotiations...

"I'm delighted that Stefan King agreed..."

Stefan King of G1 Group, said: "When Councillor Purcell approached us regarding interest shown in the building, it was at a time when we still considered No 1 to be a long term property hold. However he encouraged us to meet with the interested parties..."

James Mortimer (

B. Who is James Mortimer and what link might he have to disappeared Glasgow politician Steven Purcell?

James Mortimer is 'a Glasgow nightclub owner who was an admirer of Mr Purcell's'. (friend of Purcell's.)

Mortimer owns night clubs, pubs, a casino and a hotel complex. (Karbon Glasgow)

James Mortimer is the owner of Victoria's, a "legendary hang-out of blonde-quiffed footballers, gangsters and glamour models." (The Scotsman)

C. Who is Brian Dempsey and what link might he have to Steven Purcell?

Brian Dempsey is a property tycoon who reportedly has a tangled love life and a home in the Caymen Islands, to which Steven Purcell may have fled. (Woman No3 in life of Brian Dempsey) (DRUGGIE PURCELL FLEES TO HIS PAL'S VILLA.)

Willie Haughey

D. Who is Willie Haughey?

And what link does Haughey have to the disappeared UK politician Steven Purcell?

Willie Haughey is worth at least £100million (Scotland's rich list News Of The World)

Haughey is alleged to have benefited from his friendship with Steven Purcell.

According to the Sunday Mirror, on 7 March 2010 (DRUGGIE PURCELL FLEES TO HIS PAL'S VILLA.), "Drugs-shame council chief Steven Purcell has fled with his gay partner to a luxury mansion overseas owned by a Scots millionaire...

"It was claimed ... by his aides that he was heading for a villa in Florida owned by wealthy refrigeration magnate Willie Haughey...

"Haughey denied Purcell was staying at his holiday villa.

"Other well-placed sources said Purcell was being cared for by property tycoon Brian Dempsey, 61, at his palatial mansion in the Cayman Islands."

According to The Sunday Times, 14 March 2010 (Scottish Labour in ‘cash for access’ row
/ Donor who spun a web of influence ):

1. Willie Haughey was the Scottish Labour Party's biggest donor, having donated over a million pounds.

Haughey now faces allegations of 'cash for favours' over his links to Steven Purcell, who was leader of Glasgow city council and who has confessed to using cocaine.

Haughey is alleged to have benefited financially from decisions made by Purcell.

Purcell chaired a meeting which agreed to give Haughey nearly £1m of public money.

Sources at Glasgow council said Purcell recruited or promoted council planners who were known to be associates of Haughey.

2. Reportedly, on 5 March 2010, in a car park in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, Willie Haughey met two men, in order to decide the fate of Steven Purcell, who was sitting in a car in the same car park.

Reportedly, the result was that Purcell resigned as leader of Glasgow city council, and left the country.

Rumour has it that Purcell headed to Haughey's home in Florida, or to Dubai, Australia, Ireland or the Cayman Islands.

3. Haughey's £100m fortune is partly the result of deals done with Glasgow city council and other such public sector bodies.

4. UK prime minister Gordon Brown opened the new headquarters of Haughey's company in 2009.

5. Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, chaired by Haughey, helped one of Haughey's own company.

The payout resulted from a motorway extension.

Haughey's company HQ was in the path of the motorway.

Reportedly, the cost of the HQ was £1.3m.

The compensation offered for the loss of land and relocation costs was initially £7.4m.

It was raised to £13.3m after Haughey reportedly approached Labour politician Jack McConnell, then first minister.

Reportedly, Haughey then sought extra money for his new HQ.

Haughey then received £970,000 from Scottish Enterprise Glasgow.

Purcell chaired the meeting, in 2004, which approved the payout.




Get a hold of yourself, Glasgow.



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