Friday, October 29, 2010


Sir Norman Wisdom (1915 – 2010) is one of our favourite film stars.

When Norman Wisdom was a child, the family all slept in one room, in their house in London.

Norman Wisdom's father, Frederick, was a drunk.

Frederick sometimes beat little Norman "so savagely that his head hit the ceiling before he crashed." (Norman Wisdom)

Frederick threw Norman out of the house.

Norman, still just a boy, had to sleeep rough and steal to eat.

According to Wikipedia:

"After a period in a children's home in Deal, Kent, Wisdom ran away when he was 11 but returned to become an errand boy in a grocer's on leaving school at 13.

"In 1929, he walked (by his own account) to Cardiff, Wales, where he became a cabin boy in the Merchant Navy."

He also worked as a coal miner, waiter, page boy, soldier, driver and telephone operator.

In 1946, Norman Wisdom became a professional entertainer, and eventually rich, popular and famous.


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