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In January 2011, an American called Raymond Davis murdered two Pakistanis.

This murder took place at a busy road junction in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

The Obama regime wants Davis back in the USA.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Shah Qureshi, was not happy about this.

So the USA's President Obama had Qureshi sacked. (Obama Fires Pakistan's Foreign Minister.)

Presumably Qureshi, unlike so many others in Pakistan, is not owned by the CIA.

Davis, a former US special forces soldier, is assumed to be an agent of the CIA or some similar US organisation.

Davis is said to have been working WITH the Pakistan Taliban to destroy Pakistan. (Raymond Davis Affair. )

Davis "had made contact with Taliban-linked extremists in the country’s lawless, tribal region, according to details of phone records leaked by the police." (The Telegraph)

You may spot the similarity between Davis and the American agent David Headley who has admitted responsibility for the 2008 Mumbai attacks (Raymond Davis Causes a Breakup ? In Pursuit of Happiness)

Moon over Alabama notes that: "while there was an uninterrupted campaign of drone strikes on Pakistani ground every three days for several month, taking Mr. Davis off the street seems to have stopped it."

Davis shot his victims from his car.

The tight pattern of bullet holes in the windshield shows the precision of Davis's shots at his victims.

Davis fired the eight or more perfect shots, rapid-fire, into the two motorcyclists, shooting through the front windshield of his car.

He Hui Quan notes all the the things found with Davis:

"An unlicensed Glock pistol, 75 bullets, a 'survival kit,' an infrared headlight, US and Pakistani currency, a digital camera, computer memory cards, a passport, a satellite cellphone, a box cutter, a portable telescope, multiple ATM and military ID cards and what was described as a facial disguise or makeup."

According to the article, at There Are No Sunglasses, Davis appears to have fallen into a trap set by Pakistan intelligence (ISI)

He killed the men knowing full well who they were, Pakistani spies who were following him.

Pakistan authorities have informed the media that Davis had contact with the TTP (Taliban).

"There is conjecture that Mr. 'Davis' walked into a trap laid out by the ISI."


The real Lockerbie bombers are never likely to stand trial.

David Headley is unlikely to be put on trial in India.


OpEdNews - U.S. False Flag Attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, South America etc.



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