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Yvonne Ridley, "who claimed that the British government were inciting the Taliban to kill her by implying that she was their covert agent...Given such a grave accusation, one wonders why she would subsequently take up office space with an MI5 'groupie' (Gordon Thomas) - unless, of course, she had now established her bona fides as a 'credible' source of disinformation." (Truth Lies Patsies - 9/11 Review)

Yvonne Ridley is a 'spooky' British journalist, war correspondent, and politician.

Ridley worked for the right-wing Express newspapers, owned by the Jewish 'pornographer' Richard Desmond.

Ridley was chief reporter.

Many journalists, just like many Moslems, work for the spooks.

Much of the following is based on Wikipedia (Yvonne Ridley - Wikipedia)

In 2001, the Sunday Express sent Ridley to Afghanistan just after 9/11.

On 28 September 2001, Ridley was 'captured' by the Taliban.

Following the example of 'spooky' BBC reporter John Simpson, who crossed into Afghanistan wearing a burqa, Ridley entered Afghanistan in disguise.

The Taliban's information minister suspected that Ridley was a member of a military "special forces" regiment like the SAS.

The same week that Ridley had entered Afghanistan, the British began bombing Afghan targets, as part of the Operation Enduring Freedom.

On 9 October 2001,Taliban-leader Mullah Mohamed Omar ordered Ridley to be released.

Her guides Jan Ali and Nagibullah Muhmand remained in prison.

Strangely, Ridley then 'converted to Islam'.

Other noted converts to Islam include:

Harry St. John Philby - intelligence operative, and father of spy Kim Philby whose girlfriend was Jewish. (People who have converted to Islam!)

Before she 'converted' she wrote Ticket to Paradise (2003) a novel based on the backdrop of 9/11; friends say it was never published in the UK because she was too embarrassed by its risque content. (Yvonne Ridley - Wikipedia)

Ridley now works as a presenter for Press TV, the Iranian English language 24-hour news channel.

In May 2008, in an assignment by Press TV, she made a documentary based on Guantanamo Bay after being given 'unprecedented access' by the US military.

In March 2009 Ridley and George Galloway, RESPECT MP, founded the organisation Viva Palestina and took a convoy of more than 100 vehicles bearing aid across North Africa to Gaza via the Rafah border.

In January 2010 Ridley made a 40 minute exclusive interview with Mona Thwany, widow of the 2010 Stockholm suicide bomber.

Swedish journalists 'were critical of the interview, saying she asked very few critical questions.'

Ridley is a member of George Galloway's 'spooky' Respect Party.

At the "Muslimer i Dialog" conference in Copenhagen in September 2005, Ridley was asked if she didn't see it as a problem that militant Islamists distribute recruiting videos of Iraqi insurgents killing hostages.

She replied that it was necessary for Muslims to have these videos at home as an alternative form of news to what she perceived as the propaganda of Western media.

Critics have accused her of defending the 'late' Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who has been linked to the 9 November 2005 Amman bombings in Jordan, which saw 60 persons killed.

She said of al-Zarqawi that she would "rather put up with a brother like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi any day than have a traitor or sell-out for a father, son or grandfather" – a reference to the Jordanian royal family.

At a meeting of the Respect party on 6 June 2006, following the Forest Gate raid, Ridley urged all Muslims in Britain to "boycott the police and refuse to co-operate with them in any way, shape or form until the boys are released."

One might suspect that Ridley is promoting the Clash of Civilisations, sought by Mossad and its friends.

She has backed the 'CIA coup' in Tunisia.



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