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Christian Milton Choate died in Gary, Indiana, a place with links to the CIA's torture-mind-control operation, MK ULTRA.

Christian's father came from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, home to special forces black helicopters.

"He leaves his mother, Aimee Eriks Estrada.

"Two sisters: Christina Coate and Alyssa Nieto.

"Two step-brothers: Justin Estrada and Anthony Estrada.

"Aunts: Theresa (Michael) Harmon, Cindy (John) Oulensby, Kristen (Johnny) Serrata, and Jennifer Eriks. "Stepfather, Silas Estrada. "Maternal grandparents: Bernard and Carol Eriks. "Great grandparents: Barbara Rhone and Hildreth Eriks. "A special father figure Daniel Nieto."

Christian Choate from Gary, Indiana, which has links to the US military's torture-brainwashing operation MK ULTRA.

A boy called Christian Choate was kept in a small cage.

He was almost naked and chained up.

He was repeatedly tortured.

He died in 2009, aged 13.

Nobody noticed?

In April 2011, Christian’s sister Christina revealed the truth to relatives in Kentucky.

Christian's body was found on 4 May 2011 after the police received a tip off that he'd been killed.

(Boy who died after being locked in cage wrote about his desire to die)

Riley Lowell Choate, 39, step-mother Kimberly Leona Kubina, 45, Christian Choate.

In May 2011, Riley Choate and Kimberly Kubina were charged with murder, battery, neglect of a dependent, confinement, obstruction of justice, moving a body from a death scene and failure to notify authorities of a dead body.

Christian was not the only child living with Riley Choate and Kimberly Kubina.

There were 11 other siblings and cousins in the household.

Christian's mother, Aimee Eriks Estrada, lost custody of her three children in 2004.

The Department of Child Services’ first involvement with the Choate family was in August 1995, four months before Christian was born.

They visited more than a dozen times, investigating allegations of abuse and neglect.

In August 2004, Riley Choate was listed as the perpetrator of physical abuse against Christian.

In August 2004 abuse was substantiated against Riley Choate for inappropriate discipline against Kubina’s nieces.

Riley Choate gained custody of Christian in late 2004.

(Boy who died after being locked in cage wrote about his desire to die.)

Christian made numerous visits to a pediatrician from 2007 to 2008.

(Boy Who Died Locked in Cage Wrote About Wanting His Family to Like Him)

Christian Choate lived in Gary, Indiana.

Michael Jackson was born and raised in Gary Indiana.

Allegedly, "his father did agree to severely abuse or aid/abet MKULTRA torture-based/SRA-based mind control programmers to help fracture his psyche from a young age."

(April 15, 2011 Satanists Sacrifice Adult Males Today, Friday ...)

Scarlett writes:

"I was raised in Gary, Indiana and moved to Texas in my high school years.

"I was a victim of research, testing, exploitation, molestation and abuse.

"My family is both Military and Masonic.

"I went public with my information in 1996...

"We are victims of mind control, MK-Ultra, and Monarch Programming."

(Surviving the Trauma of Mind Control - A Hosted Site)

Indiana has been involved in the CIA's torture-mind-control operations.

"Subproject 67: MKULTRA: CIA Use of Institutes Facilities - University of Indiana." (RA: MKULTRA de-classified documents)

"The principal investigator for MKULTRA Subproject 112 was Melvin De Fleur of the the University of Indiana." (CIA MKULTRA Subprojects Invioving Children)

Riley Choate lived in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, before moving to Gary, Indiana.

Hopkinsville is the home of Fort Campbell, the base for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (black helicopters)

Riley Choate has maintained close links with Hopkinsville, and stayed there for a while just after Christian died. (Police gather more evidence WLS 890AM)

Riley Choate married Kim Kubina in 1999 in Kentucky.


Joseph Fritzl kept his daughter in a cellar.

There is evidence suggesting that Fritzl had the support of government officials.

Fritzl built his underground dungeon with the aid of a government grant. (Sex slave dungeon father used a government grant to build his ...)

Marc Dutroux kept children in a cellar.

There is evidence suggesting that Dutroux was part of a child abuse network providing children for top people and that he had the support of many people working for the government. (Marc Dutroux)

It was reported that the police helped Dutroux carry out his kidnappings.

(Dutroux claims police helped in teens' kidnap - Times Online / Dutroux says he abducted girls with police help - Europe, News ...)

The torture of American children, by the US military?




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