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Did a Jew, Abdullah Ibn Saba, infiltrate Islam and cause it to become divided? - (Ibn Saba -Wikipedia)

Muhammad died in AD 632.

Abu Bakr was made his successor, the first caliph.

This choice was disputed by some of Muhammad's followers, who thought that Ali, Mohammad's cousin and son-in-law, should be his successor.[1]

Reportedly, Abdullah ibn Saba (c. 600 – c. 670) was a Jewish scholar from Yemen who lived in Medina at the time of Muhammad.

In Sunni tradition he is the creator of Shia Islam.

Website for this image "The Arab historian, Ibn al-Athir, (d.1210) traced the origin of the rivalry in Islam to family feuds and jealousies long before the inception of Islam." (Website)

According to Sunni tradition, Abdullah ibn Saba was a Rabbi from Sana who pretended to convert to Islam during the caliphate of Uthman (the third caliph).

Reportedly, he was the son of Saba' ibn Shamun, a Jew living in Medina, who plotted to kill Caliph Umar (the second caliph).

Reportedly, Abdullah Ibn Saba swore revenge against Uthman (the third Caliph) for executing his father's companions.

After the assassination of Uthman, Ali became the fourth caliph.

Ali was then assassinated.

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After the assassination of Ali, Abdullah ibn Saba is said to have taught that:

"Ali was not dead but alive and had never been killed, that a part of the Deity was hidden in him and that after a certain time he would return to fill the earth with justice.

"Until then the divine character of Ali was to remain hidden in the Imams, who temporarily filled his place."

Islam split into Shia Moslems (followers of Ali) and Sunni Moslems.

The line of Mohammed through Ali became extinct in 873CE when the last Shia Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, disappeared within days of inheriting the title at the age of four.

The Shias refused to accept that he had died, preferring to believe that he was merely "hidden" and would return.

When after several centuries this failed to happen, spiritual power passed to the ulema, a council of twelve scholars who elected a supreme Imam. (The Origins of the Sunni/Shia split in Islam)

Reportedly, John Calvin was Jewish and tried to split Christianity. aangirfan: CALVIN AND THE JEWS

Allegedly, the Apostle Paul and ibn Saba were "Jewish agents" who infiltrated Christianity and Islam to destroy them from within.[8]

Many respected Shia scholars have agreed that Abdullah Ibn Saba existed.

Among them are Abu Muhammad al-Hasan bin Musa al-Nubakhti,[12] Abu Amr bin Abdul Aziz al-Kash-shi,[13] Al-Hasan bin Ali al-Hilly,[14] al-Astra Abadi,[15]Al-Sadooq,[16] and Al-Nawbakhty.[17]

These scholars say that Abdullah bin Saba was Jewish and 'converted' to Islam.

Some scholars believe that Abdullah bin Saba either claimed prophethood himself and that Ali was Allah, or claimed prophethood for Ali.



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