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On 12 August 2011, Poland's former deputy prime minister, Andrzej Lepper, 'committed suicide'.

Lepper had opposed Poland joining the EU.

Polish former deputy prime minister 'commits suicide'

Janusz Maksymiuk, a former colleague, said that he had met Lepper on 11 August 2011 and had discussed plans for the future and there was "no sign that anything was wrong".

"Andrzej Lepper was a hard man. I can't imagine what would make him [commit suicide]," he told TVP television.

Lepper rose to fame as the leader of Self-Defence, a party aiming to protect the rural poor.

He gained fame for his opposition to Polish membership of the European Union.

C. pointed out the following from Wikipedia:

"The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in Kiev, a private institution which actively promotes anti-Semitism awarded Lepper with two honorary doctorates and an honorary professorship.

"The Anti-Defamation League strongly condemned Lepper for accepting these titles." (7 Antisemitism scandal)

Who killed Poland's President, Lech Kaczynski, in 2011?

Lepper had links to Belarus.

"Who killed Andrzej Lepper?" Free Poland Info - news from Poland

Mieczyslaw Lysy, a deputy director of the Union of Poles in Belarus, said that he had talked to Lepper at about 10 p.m. on 11 August 2011.

At that time, Lepper said everything was fine, when asked how he was.

"Who killed Andrzej Lepper?" asks Lysy.

Lysy went to Belarus a week before his death.

Lysy said: "At the time there was no indication that something could happen. I do not think that such a dutiful man, who cared about his family so much, could suddenly leave everything."

Lysy said that on 11 August 2011, the date of the parliamentary election in Poland was announced.

He compared Lepper's death to the death of Aleh Babienin, an opposition Belorussian journalist, who died in very similar circumstances in September 2010.

Lepper was seen as being "the sincere friend of Belarus."

(Currently, the US and its allies are trying to undermine Belarus - BREIVIK, BELARUS, BIG PEACE, BULLSHIT)


felix alerts us to the obituary here at Merkuriusz Polski noting Lepper's past CIA exposees, anthrax tests etc.

"Lepper ... intended to merge his party into one electoral list with Bogusław Ziętek’s Polish Labour Party. This alliance would for sure make a threat to Law and Justice or postcommunist SLD...

"Mr Lepper was the first to publicly reveal rumours about alleged CIA torture site in Stare Kiejkuty...

"Later we heard more of Afghan captives allegedly tortured nearby. In 2001 Andrzej Lepper made accusations on alleged landing of a plane carrying some Taliban in a village called Klewki, not much distant from the CIA’s site in Stare Kiejkuty...

"Wiernikowska ... was shown by local cattle men the helipad where some mysterious helicopters were landing. Some Afghan people, seen in turbans.

"Nearby - the headquarters of a company that imported emeralds from Afghanistan (Inter Commerce)... Former minister, Afghan general Masuda (Shah Massoud), was allegedly one of the visitors of the company owned by Rudolf Skowroński.

"Mr Skowroński, once 55th on the list of richest Poles, gaining fortune in property business for the distribution network Carrefour. Some vaccinantions, viruses, needed to be tested on cattle, possibly also Anthrax. Mysterious Afghan customers were ordering such tests...

"Lepper’s political party is particularly prone to suicides of chief politicians. Last month another person closely related to Andrzej Lepper also committed suicide. He was Lepper’s main aide...

"Bronisław Geremek, Christian democrat, one of very few democrats, died in a car crash. Barbara Blida, social democrat, also committed suicide under much disputed circumstances. Dozens of politicians lost their lives in Smolensk presidential plane disaster."

Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski in a 1962 film (www.homoculture.com/homoculture/index.htm)

Władysław Sikorski was prime minister of the Polish Government in Exile during World War II.

In July 1943, Sikorski and almost all of his entourage were killed in a plane crash when it plunged into the sea immediately after takeoff from Gibraltar.

Sikorki's death was convenient for the western Allies, who were finding the Polish question a stumbling-block to preserving good relations with Stalin. (Władysław Sikorski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

On 10 April 2010, Lech Kaczynski, the president of Poland, was killed in a plane crash in western Russia, "setting off a new cycle of grievances between Russia and Poland on a day that was supposed to serve the cause of reconciliation between them." (Plane Crash Kills Polish President: A Blow to Russia-Poland ... )

Kaczynski was regarded as skeptical of the European Union.

Kaczynski forged close relations with Ukraine and Georgia, determined to bring them closer to NATO.

"His defense of those two countries often upset leading members of the European Union, especially Germany, which was concerned that an expanded NATO would make Russia feel threatened and lead to new East-West tensions." (Kaczynski Often a Source of Tension Within EU)

Poland agreed to a Bush proposal to host parts of a global anti-missile system despite strong protests from neighbouring Russia.

Obama has not given a commitment to go ahead with these plans to build part of a US missile defence system in Poland.


Jersey killings: Stab victims were of Polish descent



aangirfan: Poland's Defence Minister, Radek Sikorski, works for the CIA.


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