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HAROLD MACMILLAN, Boothby, Bodkin Adams, Goodman, Thorpe

Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz.

Many top politicians have been Friends of Dorothy.

Many top politicians who have been Friends of Dorothy have been married.

There would appear to be some sort of 'Mafia' containing politicians who are Friends of Dorothy.

(Judy Garland and Friends of Dorothy - Wikipedia)

Lady Dorothy Macmillan, wife of former UK prime minister Harold Macmillan.

Reportedly, Harold Macmillan, the UK's Conservative Party Prime Minister from 1957-1963, was expelled from the top private school called Eton for 'homosexual perversion'.

(Did Rothschild Blackmail UK To Aid Israel in 1956?)

Harold macmillan was tutored for Oxford by Ronald Knox.

Macmillan fell in love with Ronald knox.


Macmillan (right)

Macmillan "under pressure" married Dorothy.

Dorothy had many affairs, including one with the bisexual Lord Boothby.

UK Government asset Lord Goodman , a powerful British Jew, protected people like Tom Driberg MP, Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Boothby "who were regularly seen at parties with rent boys and arrested at public toilets." (Did Rothschild?)

Eliza Manningham-Buller, former head of the UK security service MI5

In the spring of 1956, Lady Dorothy Macmillan's brother, the 19th Duke of Devonshire Edward Cavendish 'dropped dead' in front of his doctor, Dr. John Bodkin Adams .

John Bodkin Adams was 'a member of the homosexual underground' and close to Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Goodman.

John Bodkin Adams. The police acquired a memorandum belonging to a Daily Mail journalist, concerning rumours of homosexuality between "a police officer, a magistrate, and a doctor". The latter directly implied Adams. The 'magistrate' was Sir Roland Gwynne, Mayor of Eastbourne from 1929 to 1931 and brother of Rupert Gwynne, MP for Eastbourne from 1910 to 1924. The 'police officer' was the Deputy Chief Constable of Eastbourne, Alexander Seekings.

Bodkin Adams was arrested as over 160 of his patients had died mysteriously, 132 of them writing the doctor into their wills.

Harold Macmillan

"Harold Macmillan, and the then Attorney General, Reginald Manningham-Buller, were both related to one of Dr Adams' likely victims....

"A homosexual relationship existed between Adams and a powerful local politician, who had protected him for over thirty years." (The Case of Dr. John Bodkin Adams - A Stranger in Blood)

Reginald Manningham-Buller's daughter Eliza Manningham-Buller was active in MI5 from 1974-2007, and became boss of MI5 in 2002.

She was active at the time of the Lockerbie bombing.


Reportedly Lord Goodman pushed 'the Rothschild plan' that Britain must intervene on Israel's behalf over Suez.

Egypt's President Nasser was a CIA asset.


Israel did not like Nasser.

T Stokes asks: Did Rothschild Blackmail UK To Aid Israel in 1956?

According to T. Stokes, "a former MI-5 associate" -

Britain had been the major shareholder in the Suez Canal since 1875 when Rothschild loaned the money for the purchase to the government.

In October 1956, Egyptian President Gamel Abdul Nasser took control of the Suez Canal.

Israel, the UK and France then attacked Egypt.

Did Israel blackmail certain UK politicians into supporting the Suez invasion?

There would appear to be a homosexual underground involving top politicians.


Take the trial of former UK Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe's.

The trial reportedly revealed that boys from care homes were exploited with alcohol and drugs at parties called 'pink ballets' over many years.

"This was the reason Thorpe got off: his threat to expose what he knew of those in power."

Boys from UK care homes "have been used by senior men, in one case for over 40 years."




Stephen Ward with Christine Keeler (top right). Stephen ward was an osteopath with links to the US President, royalty, Hollywood stars and the security services.

Stephen Ward "worked on a secret program for the USA, called Operation Monarch."


Stephen Ward knew the Rothschilds, the Kennedys and most of the other top people.

Stephen Ward spent a number of years in the USA and was particularly interested in the brothels in Chicago.

Stephen Ward became famous when the media began to produce stories about Ward providing young ladies for top people.

"There were sex parties in Pimlico where young girls dressed only in little aprons waited on members of parliament who had popped out of the House of Commons for a little diversion." (An Affair of State by Knightly and Kennedy)

J F Kennedy reportedly slept with one of Ward's girls called Mariella Novotny.

Mariella Novotny (aka Stella Capes) was 'controlled by Stephen Ward in London'. (Mariella Novotny)

"Mariella was part Jewish; she was actually quiet proud of that and spoke Hebrew." (NightHawk: The Czech Night Hawk)

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Ward told Christine Keeler, one of his girls, that he believed John F. Kennedy would be assassinated.

He told her and Russian spy Eugene Ivanov: "A man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I assure you of that." (Christine Keeler)

Child brainwashed by the CIA

The CIA and its friends like to control people, and that can involve brainwashing kids and turning them into sex slaves.

"The literal explosion of 'schizophrenia' in the US in the early seventies was clearly due to a massive expansion of the Monarch Program here.

"I worked in a mental hospital before that and in the entire state there were only fifty or so people who were institutionalized with this diagnosis.

"Three years later there were at least ten times that number and the state mental hospital had been closed in the meantime." - Don Croft (Continued here: Paranoid Schizophrenia or Mind Control?)

Reggie Kray and a boy friend (who died young).

On 12 July 1964, the UK's Sunday Mirror had a front page story with the headline: "Peer and a gangster: Yard probe."

The Sunday Mirror reported that police were investigating an alleged homosexual relationship between a "prominent peer and a leading thug in the London underworld".

The peer was Lord Boothby and the gangster was Ronald Kray.

The UK's Lord Boothby was involved with Jewish gangsters, the Kray Twins, who reportedly rented out young boys, some of whom reportedly ended up dead. (Archives)

Colin Coote of MI6

In July 1964, when the Sunday Mirror had its story about the Lord and the gangster, Lord Boothby was on holiday with Colin Coote.

Colin Coote worked for MI6 and was a very close friend of Roger Hollis the boss of MI5.

Colin Coote was also editor of the UK's Daily Telegraph.

The key figure within MI5 and MI6 was Lord Victor Rothschild, who reportedly gave away secrets to Israel.

Why did the UK politicians, intelligence services and media cover-up the Boothby case?

Alegedly, Boothby was a Satanist (Henry Makow-Insider Exposes Famous Satanists)

And there is a link to President Kennedy (John F Kennedy And Clapham Woods)

Russian spy Ivanov.

Colin Coote had suggested that Stephen Ward should go to Russia, "to sketch the leading politicians."

On 21st January 1961, Coote invited Ward to join him for lunch with Eugene Ivanov, a Russian naval attaché and spy.

Coote, Ward and Ivanov became close friends.

(Colin Coote, Operation Mockingbird and Britain - The Education Forum)

Keith Wagstaffe of MI5 reported: "Ward asked me if it was all right for him to continue to see Ivanov.

"I replied that there was no reason why he should not."

Ward introduced Eugene Ivanov to two of his girls, Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies.

John Profumo

On 5th June, 1963 John Profumo resigned as the UK's War Minister.

His statement said that he had lied to the House of Commons about his relationship with one of Stephen Ward's girls, called Christine Keeler.

Christine Keeler had been having a relationship with both John profumo and Russian spy Eugene Ivanov.

Ward was arrested and charged with living off immoral earnings.

Clay Shaw

According to Anonymous (Scandalous Women: Christine Keeler and the Profumo Affair):

"Ward knew many people in the intel-services.... including the infamous Clay Shaw of JFK fame, David Ferrie too...

"Ronna Ricardo was an Irish girl raped and abused as a child...

"Several men had dumped her on the way, the last an American who held the key to the atomic bomb.

"Ronna Ricardo ... told me a few things about ritual masonic abuse of children, involving many top people.

"She was involved in supplying young girls...

"She was involved with Ward in trying to get a camera in to take photos of the abuses..."

Lord William Astor


"Lord William, 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous.

"The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies.

"M.I.5 informant Stephen Ward treated Winston Churchill for alcoholism and depression, and got him painting for therapy; it was said to be what Ward knew of Churchill that ensured his murder.

"Sir Anthony Blunt then bought up all Stephen Wards drawings of the royal family and destroyed them, so no links would be found of Satanism and perversion in any enquiry, between the royals and a black magician, but of course Blunt sent word first to his Soviet controllers.

"Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys...

"The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys; the evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill’s occult Black group experiments."

Caged children about to be tortured. Monarch mind control involves torture with electric shock. (SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS: THE WORLD OF MIND CONTROL ...)

The ancient Egyptians used mind control.

This involved torture, drugs and hypnotisn. (Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control )

After World War II, Dr Josef Mengele was brought over to the USA to carry out mind control.

In the USA, Mengele produced many thousands of mindcontrolled slaves.

Monarch handlers seek the compartmentalization of their subject’s psyche in multiple and separate alter personas using trauma to cause dissociation.

The following is a partial list of these forms of torture:

1. Sexual abuse and torture

2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen)

3. Restraint with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc.

4. Near-drowning

5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water and burning chemicals

6. Skinning (only top layers of the skin are removed in victims intended to survive)

7. Spinning

10. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc.

Mengele and victims.

11. Hung in painful positions or upside down

15. Sensory deprivation

16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously

18. Limbs pulled or dislocated

19. Application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, and other animals to induce fear and disgust

20. Near-death experiences, commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation

22. Forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals, usually with knives

24. Raped to become pregnant; the fetus is then aborted for ritual use, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement

25. Spiritual abuse to cause victim to feel possessed, harassed, and controlled internally by spirits or demons

26. Desecration of Judeo-Christian beliefs and forms of worship; dedication to Satan or other deities

27. Abuse and illusion to convince victims that God is evil, such as convincing a child that God has raped her

28. Surgery to torture, experiment, or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control


On 14 October 2011, gunfights broke out in the Libyan capital Tripoli between supporters of Moammar Gadhafi and forces of the National Transitional Council.



Prince Charles has appointed his former valet, Michael Fawcett, as manager of the project to restore Dumfries House, in Scotland.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: "The two of them have a very close working relationship and the prince trusts him implicitly."

(Fawcett the fixer and Charles' £45million gamble.)

According to The Daily Mail: "There could be no clearer indication that Charles's dependence on ... Fawcett ... is greater than ever."

Charles unveils a plaque at the Chrichton mental hospital museum in Dumfries.

Michael Fawcett is "employing the same silken skills he once used to sell off unwanted gifts from foreign dignitaries on the Prince’s behalf (a practice which led him to be unkindly dubbed ‘Fawcett the Fence’)"

Fawcett is a link to wealthy donors.

"One of those donors is hedge-fund boss Michael Hintze, whose 55th birthday party extravaganza at Wrotham Hall in Hertfordshire in 2008 was organised by Fawcett through Premier Mode, his events hospitality company."

Hintze is a key figure in the Liam Fox affair.

On 24 August 2005, George Smith died in Newport, Wales, of an unknown illness, aged 44.

George Anthony Smith was a former footman and valet in the Royal Household of Prince Charles.

Smith alleged that he was raped by Michael Fawcett, a servant of the Prince of Wales; and that Fawcett was himself in a homosexual relationship with the Prince of Wales. (George Smith (royal servant) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Michael Fawcett with Charles (

In 1943, Canadian gold-mining millionaire, Sir Harry Oakes, was brutally murdered at his home in the Bahamas.

The Governor of the Bahamas was Edward, the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII.

Reportedly, Oakes knew of the Duke of Windsor's dealings with Swedish millionaire Axel Wenner-Gren and Germany’s Nazi Party.

Reportedly, Oakes opposed plans to build mafia casinos in the Bahamas. (The Sir Harry Oakes Mystery: Unsolved Murder in the Bahamas)

What links Prince Charles to Edward VIII?

Both have been linked to scandals. (Charles gay-sex scandal )

The young Prince Edward of Wales, later Edward VIII, and the young Prince Albert of Wales, later George VI.

Edward VIII had a sexual problem, according to certain experts.

According to Christopher Wilson's book, "Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue", Oxford students linked Prince Edward romantically with his tutor Henry Peter Hansel.

Philip Ziegler, official biographer of the Duke of Windsor, says it is possible that Edward was treated by hypnotist Dr Alexander Cannon for a sexual problem. (Strange story of the king and the hypnotist doctor - (Telegraph)

Cannon had links to 'the occult' and to fascism.

Edward, in 1928, on a visit to East Africa, became the lover of Beryl Markham, a female aviator.

Markham was conducting a simultaneous affair with Edward's younger brother, Prince Henry.

Markham was married at the time, and five months pregnant. (www.dailymail.)

Edward's wife, Wallis Simpson, may have been a man.

Dr John Randall, consultant psychiatrist at the Charing Cross hospital in London, reportedly told Michael Bloch, the Duchess's biographer, that Wallis Simpson had androgen insensitivity syndrome, a hormonal irregularity that causes a genetically male body to develop as a woman, although without fully developed sex organs. (Christopher Wilson's book, Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue)

Edward, Jimmy Donahue, Wallis

Both Edward and Wallis took an interest in a young gay man, the Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue.

Donahue was an 'intimate' friend of Francis Spellman, New York's allegedly gay Cardinal Archbishop. (Christopher Wilson's Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue)

Charles, Diana and Michael Fawcett

What about prince Charles?

On 6 April 2008, the Mail reported on friends' growing fears over Charles and Camilla's three-year marriage as the rows escalate.

"The rows have been escalating over the past three months," one well-placed source said.

"The staff are getting tired of it because you can't help but hear the shouting. As you can imagine, it's hugely embarrassing when that happens."

Courtiers nicknamed Charles and Camilla 'The Glums'.

Camilla confided to friends that a Caribbean cruise with Charles had been a "nightmare".

On 10 April 2010, The Mail reported that the legal advice on the Charles and Camilla marriage will be sealed until after Charles's death (Charles / Camilla marriage: Legal advice sealed until after ...)

There have been doubts about the legality of the wedding.

Sofia Svenqist (

A Swedish playboy prince has struck up a romance with a glamour model who posed topless with a python.


Thailand's Prince Vajiralongkorn "is already widely loathed and feared." (The Economist: As father fades, his children fight)

"Salacious stories of his private life are daily gossip.

"A video circulated widely in 2007 showed his third wife, known as the 'royal consort', at a formal dinner with the prince in a titillating state of undress.

"Diplomats say Prince Vajiralongkorn is unpredictable to the point of eccentricity: lavishing attention on his pet poodle Fu Fu, for example, who has military rank and, on occasion, sits among guests at gala dinners.

"In the 1980s his rumoured ties to the criminal underworld, which he denied in a newspaper interview, inspired the gangster nickname of 'Sia O'." (As father fades, his children fight)

Thai Crown Prince (


The Berg Family 1961.

In the 1970s, Muammar Gaddafi funded and supported the American religious cult The Children of God.

The Children of God, founded by DAVID BERG, claims that sex is a good recruitment and conversion tool.

According to Stephen Kent, a University of Alberta sociologist who has studied the group:

"Especially in the early days, Berg was virulently anti-American, and that anti-American virulence fit very well with Gadhafi."

"Thanks to The Children of God's free love tendencies, at least one child was born from a union between a woman in the group and a high-ranking official in Gadhafi's regime, Kent said."

(Why Moammar Gadhafi Was So Strange Moammar Gadhafi Death)

The Children of God has been linked to the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing programme and to child sexual abuse. (Julian Assange, Agent Provocateur « Stool & Dunce Cap)

Faith Berg Fischer the youngest of David Berg’s four children.

Faith Berg "helped oversee teen re-education and discipline at The Family's Heavenly City School Victor Program in Japan, using such techniques as exorcisms, hard labour and strong corporal punishment."

Faith was her father's envoy to Muammar Gaddafi. (Faith Berg - XFamily - Children of God)

Karen Zerby, who married Berg.

Karen Zerby has claimed that she was among Jesus's favourite lovers in heaven before she came to earth.

Reportedly, Karen's son Ricky Rodriguez was sexually abused by Zerby and her group and he later killed himself.

Gaddafi with Berg and Berg's daughter Faith in 1973.

According to Berg, Gaddafi is either the Anti-Christ or the prophet who prepares the way for him and announces his coming.

In the early 1970s, 'Berg claimed he received prophecies indicating that Gaddafi would fill one of those roles described in the book of Revelation.' (Chain The Dogma: Gaddafi, The Family International and the Antichrist)

David Berg
(1919 - 1994) was born in California.

Reportedly, "his maternal forefathers were German Jews."

Like his father, Berg became a minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Berg was eventually expelled from the organization for alleged sexual misconduct with a church employee.

Berg became the founder and leader of the Children of God, now called The Family International.

A Berg booklet.

Berg's granddaughter, Merry Berg, testified that Berg sexually molested her when she was a young teenager. (David Berg - Wikipedia)

Another of Berg's granddaughters, Joyanne Treadwell Berg, spoke on American television about being sexually abused by David Berg.

Berg's adopted son, Ricky Rodriguez, wrote an article on the Web site in which he describes Berg's deviant sexual activity involving a number of women and children.

In the 1970s and 1980s sexually suggestive photographic depictions of Rodriguez (aka "Davidito") with adult caretakers were spread throughout the group by Berg and Zerby in a child rearing handbook known as "The Story of Davidito".

Ricky Rodriguez and David Berg

In January 2005, Ricky Rodriguez murdered one of the female caretakers (also shown in the handbook) before taking his own life several hours later.

Davida Kelley, the daughter of Rodriguez's nanny, Sarah Kelley, accused Berg of molesting her in a June 2005 Rolling Stone article. In the same article, a woman identified as Armendria alleged that David Berg sexually abused her when she was thirteen years old.

"Berg viewed the trend towards a New World Order as setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist."

According to The X Spot: February 2011

David Berg managed his kids’ pop band, Teens for Christ, which traveled throughout the US until winding up in California in 1968.

Berg set up his own congregation, which he called the Children of God.

A colleague of Berg’s, televangelist Fred Jordan, offered Berg use of his 400-acre compound, the Texas Soul Clinic.

Berg began to have 'visions' and saw himself as the reincarnation of the Bible's King David.

He dumped his wife, and took up with his young assistant, Karen Zerby.

The Children of God evolved into a cult of free love.

River Phoenix

In 1973, John, Arlyn and River Phoenix left Texas for South America in order to do missionary work for Berg's Children of God.

River Phoenix starting acting at the age of ten. At the age of 15 he starred in Stand by Me.

On Halloween 1993 River Phoenix dropped dead on the sidewalk of a popular Los Angeles nightclub.

River gives some clues in a November 1991 interview with Joe Dulce of Details magazine.

Dulce: Is there anything you did at an early age that you wished you had waited for?

Phoenix: Yes - make love.

Dulce: How old were you?

Phoenix: Four.

Dulce: With whom? Another four-year old?

Phoenix: Kids. But I’ve blocked it out.



On 23 October 2011 we read that there has been a post mortem of the 'Gaddafi' body.

According to 'Sunday Sport', the post mortem shows the 'body' to be that of a woman.

There were fully developed lady parts, according to the 'Sunday Sport'.

It should be noted that 'Hitler's skull' turned out to be that of a woman aged around 40.



One report said that Gaddafi escaped to Zimbabwe. (WHERE IS GADDAFI?)

On 27 August 2011, according to ynetnews:

"A convoy of six armored vehicles has crossed the Libyan border to Algeria on Saturday night, the Egyptian news agency reported.

"While it is unclear who was riding in the cars, a rebel forces source estimated that the convoy transported senior Libyan officials – including the embattled leader, Muammar Gaddafi."

(Gaddafi escapes to Algeria? - Israel News, Ynetnews)

On 30 August 2011, The Daily Mail reported:

"Algerian authorities refused to reveal if the dictator was with his family, sparking furious accusations that they had allowed the ‘Mad Dog’ of Libya to escape justice."

(Gaddafi's family flee to Algeria but is dictator with them? Mail Online)

"Saif al-Islam, is still in Libya. He is free and will go on with resistance, he reportedly claimed in an address to supporters aired by Syria's Arrai TV Channel. 'We continue our resistance. I am in Libya, I am alive, free and intend to go to the very end.'"

On 1 September 2011, Reuters reported:

"Quoting a source close to the Algerian presidency, Algeria's El Watan newspaper said Gaddafi was believed to be on the Libyan-Algerian border town of Ghadamis."

(Gaddafi called Algerian president: report Reuters)

On 11 October 2011, we read:

"An official on Libya's governing council says he believes Muammar Gaddafi is hiding in the south-western desert near the borders with Niger and Algeria."

(Gaddafi hiding in the desert near Niger and Algeria)

The FBI used the face of a Spanish politician to fake its Bin Laden photos.

And what of the 'body' said to be that of Gaddafi?

On 23 October 2011, we read:

"Senior medical officer Nagi Barakat said that there was no need for an autopsy."

"There will be no post-mortem today, nor any day," Misrata military council spokesman Fathi al-Bashaagha told AFP.

"No one is going to open up his body."

His comments were confirmed by two other Misrata military chiefs.

(Libyans rule out Gaddafi autopsy The Raw Story)

"A member of the NTC, who preferred anonymity, told a Xinhua reporter in Benghazi on Saturday that Gaddafi's body will be buried in an undisclosed location and will not be handed over to his family."

(Gaddafi's corpse in display, rumors on autopsy, handover)

Gaddafi made Libya prosperous (LIES ABOUT LIBYA?)

But he was mixed up with people linked to the CIA.


Gaddafi with David Berg whose name has been linked to pedophilia and the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing. (RELIGIOUS MIND-CONTROL CULTS)

The Western media have speculated that Muammar is mentally disturbed.

Gaddafi received military training in the United Kingdom.

He seized power in a bloodless coup in 1969.

Reportedly, the Americans wanted the British puppet King Idris to be toppled.

Nasser was at first an asset of the CIA, and then an enemy of the CIA.

Perhaps Gaddafi is similar.

Gaddafi closed the American and British military bases, and demanded that more of Libya's oil wealth went to Libyans.

He said he felt that Israel could not defeat the Arabs, if the Arabs were to be united.

That meant Libya being friends with all Arab countries.

"The enemy is Imperialism and Zionism," he said.


Gaddafi executed people who tried to topple his government.

The CIA provided him with information on Libyan dissidents.

He moved Berbers out of their mud-brick towns into modern apartments, with electricity, running water and satellite TV.

He was accused of trying to abolish the Berber culture.

The accusation was that his friends became rich while the people in the eastern parts of Libya were neglected.

Some people blame him for being a socialist.

Libya now has the best educated people in Africa and the highest GDP per capita in Africa.

Libya had 10 percent growth of GDP in 2010, the highest of any state in Africa.

In the first 15 years of Green rule, the number of doctors increased sevenfold.

Infant mortality is the lowest in Africa.

Libya's Great Manmade River scheme is the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.

People have said that Libya is run like Saudi Arabia, along ultra strict Islamist lines. Strict punishments for theft and adultery. No alcohol.

Gaddafi has been involved in a number of wars, including a bloody one in Chad and a conflict with Egypt.

In 1989, the Maghreb Pact linked Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

Gaddafi was tough with the oil companies.

The Shah of Iran copied him.

The Shah, of course, was toppled by the CIA.

Libya was friends with Idi Amin.

Saddam, the Shah, and Idi Amin were all put into power by the West.

Libya reportedly trained and supported Charles Taylor of Liberia.

Charles Taylor was put into power by the CIA.

Gaddafi reportedly owns at least 20 luxurious properties in Zimbabwe.

Reportedly, Libya's has given support to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines.

Reportedly, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is financed by the CIA.

Reportedly, Gaddafi supported the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigades, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Reportedly, all these organisations were controlled by the CIA and MI6.

Many of the top people in the IRA were agents of the British security services, according to press reports.

And it should not be forgotten that the CIA reportedly supplied weapons to the IRA.

What about policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, killed in London in 1984, allegedly by a bullet from the Libyan embassy?

A British TV documentary proved that the shot which killed Yvonne Fletcher came from a building with links to the CIA.

Was Muammar the planner of the Lockerbie Bombing?

The evidence suggests that the CIA brought down PanAm 103 to destroy Major Charles McKee and the evidence he and his team had collected of 'CIA drug smuggling'.

Nelson Mandela persuaded Gaddafi to hand over two Libyans to the Scottish Court in the Netherlands, where they faced trial in 1999.

Reportedly, Nelson Mandela is an agent of MI6.

Bernard Faucon

Gaddafi has claimed that certain viruses are biological weapons manufactured by a foreign military; that the Christian Bible is a forgery; that Europe will become a Muslim continent; and that a single-state solution is best for Israel-Palestine.

Two Israeli women claim they are Gaddafi's close blood relations.

When the UK's SAS wanted to kill Gaddafi in 1969, the CIA vetoed the plan.

In 1981, when Giscard d'Estaing plotted to kill Gaddafi, the CIA vetoed the plan.

In 2011, a Brazilian plastic surgeon told the Associated Press that Gaddafi had been his patient in 1995.



Dani with William, her new brother (Dani's Story)

Dani was born in 1998, in Las Vegas, to Michelle Crockett.

Michelle has military connections.

Michelle's husband was a veteran of the Vietnam war and died in 1997.

He died as a result of exposure to the Pentagon's 'Agent Orange'.

Michelle has an IQ score of 77, much below average.

Michelle doesn't know the name of the Dani's father.

("The Girl in the Window" / Wild at heart -

Michelle moved to Plant City, Florida, where she was 'frequently seen with strange men in casinos'.

(Plant City is near MacDill Airforce Base, reputed to be connected to the CIA's MK ULTRA experiments on children)

Michelle lived in a rented house with two adult sons, one of them mentally retarded, and a boyfriend.

As early as 2002, someone called the child abuse hotline about a child "left unattended for days with a retarded older brother, never seen wearing anything but a diaper."

The authorities, as usual, decided not to rescue the child.


In 2005, when Dani was nearly 7, "a neighbor saw Dani's pale, wan face appear in the window - and then quickly vanish."

The authorities were called, for the third time.

Dani's house was filled with human waste and cockroaches.

Dani, semi naked, lay on a torn mouldy mattress on the floor.

Her ribs stuck out.

Her matted hair crawled with lice.

Her skin was covered in bites, rashes and sores.

Dani was taken to a hospital. ("The Girl in the Window")

Dani today

Dani couldn't chew or swallow solid food.

She had never been to school or previously seen a doctor.

The hospital doctor now wrote: "the child will be disabled for the rest of her life."

She wouldn't make eye contact.

She couldn't talk.

Medical tests, including brain scans, found nothing innately wrong with Dani.

But, "there was no light in her eye, no response or recognition. . . . We saw a little girl who didn't even respond to hugs or affection."

According to Dani's first teacher: "She had a lot of episodes of great agitation, yelling, flailing her arms, rolling into a fetal position.

"She'd curl up in a closet, just to be away from everyone.

"She didn't know how to climb a slide or swing on a swing. She didn't want to be touched." ("The Girl in the Window")

William, Diane, Dani, Bernie

Bernie and Diane Lierow, who have young son called William, decided to adopt Dani.

When Bernie first met Dani at her school, "Danielle turned toward him and her eyes seemed to focus.

"He held out his hand. She let him pull her to her feet."

Danielle's teacher hadn't seen her warm to anyone so quickly.

Dani let Bernie push her gently on the swing.

"When it was time for them to part, Bernie swore he saw Danielle wave." ("The Girl in the Window")

That night, bernie had a dream.

"Two giant hands slid through his bedroom ceiling, the fingers laced together. Dani was swinging on those hands, her dark eyes wide, thin arms reaching for him." ("The Girl in the Window")

Bernie and Diane brought Dani home on Easter weekend 2007.

"They gave her a doll; she bit off its hands...

"They took her to the beach; she screamed and wouldn't put her feet in the sand...

"She couldn't sit still to watch TV or look at a book...

"When they tried to brush her teeth or comb her hair, she kicked and thrashed...

"She wouldn't lie in a bed, wouldn't go to sleep, just rolled on her back, side to side, for hours." ("The Girl in the Window")

Dani in her new home

In October 2007, Bernie and Diane officially adopted Dani.

After a year with her new family, Dani grew 12 inches and her weight doubled.

Dani's shoulder-length hair turned a golden blond.

Dani started going to occupational and physical therapy, to church, the mall, the grocery store, speech classes and horseback riding lessons.

Dani began to say a few words.

The first she spoke was "baaa."

William, her new brother heard Dani say, "Stop!" and "No!" He thought he even heard her say his name.

William, aged ten, taught Dani how to play peek-a-boo.

William moved out of his bedroom so Dani could sleep upstairs.

William slept in the laundry room.

Dani improved month by month.

She learnt to swim.

She learnt that her name is Dani.

Dani and William

In 2011, Dani continues to live "deep in the lush Tennessee countryside" on Diane and Bernie Lierow’s 25-acre farm. (Diane and Bernie Lierow: 'We knew that Dani needed us ... - Daily Mail)

The farm contains prizewinning Boer goats, which 13-year-old William shows in competitions, miniature ponies, chickens, and various dogs.

Dani is now aged 13.

"In the past six months, she has improved more than in the last couple of years," Bernie says proudly.

Now, she can go to the cupboard, get a glass and get herself a drink of water.

And she’s much more open; she will look at people now.

(Dani’s Story by Diane and Bernie Lierow, with Kay West, Penguin/Michael Joseph)