Saturday, February 25, 2012


Little Albert

Researchers placed a rat next to a baby called Little Albert.

At the same time, the researchers produced a series of loud, frightening clangs.

This was repeated many times.

The baby cried.

The baby started to fear other furry things like dogs.

The researchers conditioned the baby to experience certain fears but did not attempt to decondition the baby.

John Watson

These experiments were carried out by psychologist John Watson in 1920.

The experiments were part of Watson's attempt to prove that infants are infinitely malleable.

The experiment is mentioned in many textbooks.

Little Albert

It is believed that Little Albert was Douglas Merritte, the son of a nurse who worked at the Johns Hopkins University, where the experiments were carried out.

Douglas Merritte died in 1925 at age six from convulsions

A New Twist in the Sad Saga of Little Albert.

Douglas's illness may have been the result of experiments by researchers.

Douglas may have been used for research by investigators other than Watson.

MK ULTRA - the CIA's Nazi-style torture experiments.

The torture of American children, by the US military?.

John Hopkins University is linked to CIA/Pentagon experiments on children:


Jarod Laughner & JASON/MK ULTRA Program to create Mind Controlled


Many thanks to Levantine for allerting us to this important case of child abuse for scientific fraud, in turn used for promotion of blank slate theory:



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