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Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson - and CIA Mind Control

On 12 February 2012 we learn of the death of the American singer Whitney Houston, at age 48.

Osama bin Laden "was obsessed with the singer Whitney Houston and wanted to marry her."

Bin Laden 'fantasised over' Whitney Houston.

OSAMA BIN LADEN was very friendly with the CIA, which allegedly provides its assets with sex slaves. (CIA Sex Slaves in Music City)

Whitney Houston was the daughter of army serviceman and entertainment executive John Russell Houston.

Her cousins were Dionne Warwick and the late Dee Dee Warwick.

Houston got her first recording contract at the age of 14.

She came in contact with Michael Jackson's father.

She sang back-up vocals for Jermaine Jackson.

In 1991, during the Gulf War, she sang The Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl.

"This performance of When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston at the 1999 Oscars begins rather conventionally but quickly becomes an all-out Illuminati extravaganza, complete with a checkerboard floor, a pyramid and an 'illuminated' occulus doubling as a solar deity at the top.

"Odd fact: both singers suffered a rather violent breakdown in the following years."

Old School Illuminati Symbolism: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston ...





Ayman al-Zawahiri

We meet at a nice kosher restaurant, in the city of Islamabad.

The Chateau Margaux arrives and we are soon tucking in to steaming bowls of chicken soup.

My guest is 'an Egyptian' called Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Al-Zawahiri was born into an upper middle class family in a posh suburb of Cairo, called Maadi.

A house in Maadi

I ask him about his taste in food.

"You know it used to be easy to get my kind of food in Cairo," he says.

"Jewish families, such as Suares and Naggar, owned many of the banks, bus companies, and department stores in Egypt, and they liked good food."

What about al-Zawahiri's parents?

"In 1960, my father, Rabi al-Zawahiri, moved from Heliopolis to Maadi.

"There was a thriving synagogue in our neighbourhood.

"My parents belonged to two of the top families in Egypt."

Nasser, former CIA asset.

I ask al-Zawahiri about Nasser.

"I was still at school when Nasser was president of Egypt," he says.

"Nasser became a strong nationalist and therefore not popular with Israel, the US or UK.

"I was in the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Nasser said that the Muslim Brotherhood was a tool of the British.

"Eventually, the CIA supported the Muslim Brotherhood against Nasser."

Sadat, left, with a guy linked to US naval intelligence, and some former terrorist.

I asked him about Israel's attitude.

"Israel always supports the Islamists against the nationalists," he replied.

Our Matzo Brei with Fresh Chives arrived, and another bottle of wine was ordered.

And what about President Sadat?

"Sadat and his vice president Hosni Mubarak were friends of the CIA.

"Mubarak received money from a weapons delivery company called EATSCO, a CIA front company.

"Sadat fell out with Mubarak over EATSCO."

I pointed out that he, al-Zawahiri, was accused of being part of the Jihad group which allegedly assassinated Sadat.

"I got a short jail sentence, beginning in 1982," he said.

Reagan and his CIA-run Islamist pals.

In 1986 al-Zawahiri moved to Pakistan.

I asked him about his help for the Mujahideen.

"I was helped by the CIA to get arms, training and money for the Mujahideen," he explained.

I wondered if the CIA knew about his activities in Egypt.

"Indeed yes. But the CIA gave us new identities and new passports.'

What about Osama bin Laden?

Al Zawahiri was once Osama's doctor.

"Osama, and his brother Salem, worked for the CIA", explains al Zawahiri.

"Now I am the big boss of al Qaeda", he says, looking proud.

I inquired about al-Zawahiri's brother Muhammad.

"Muhammad helped the CIA in Bosnia and Croatia," he says.

The man from MI6, Ayatollah Khomeini.

I told him I was interested in his attitude to Iran.

Zawahiri had allegedly worked with the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of al-Qaeda.

"I studied the CIA's 1979 Islamic Revolution," says al-Zawahiri.

"Iran collaborated with America in its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq."

I pointed out that there are those in Iran who say that al-Qaeda is a tool of the CIA.

"It's a joke, isn't it," he says. "Both sides working for Washington."

"In a 2008 interview I attacked Shite Iran for blaming the 9/11 attacks on Israel, and thus discrediting al-Qaeda."

It's Ayman!

Al Zawahiri continues: "The bin Ladens are great friends of the USA.

"They have huge investments there.

"I got a warm welcome in America.

"In 1993, I traveled to the United States, and met many people in California.

"I've also had trips to Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong."

"In 1996, I was helping the CIA in Chechnya."

According to January 2000 U.S. Congressional testimony, al-Zawahiri was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Ayman al Zawahiri - Star of David background.

Our Lokshen kugel, or "noodle pudding," was set down on the table.

I asked about the 1997 attack at Luxor in Egypt, attacks blamed on al Zawahiri.

Six men dressed in police uniforms killed 58 foreign tourists.

"The Luxor attacks helped the tourist trade - in Israel", he responded, supressing a smile.

Mossad playing an April Fool trick on some little kid.

In 1998 there were truck bomb explosions at the United States embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

"These attacks brought Osama bin Laden, and me, to international attention."

In 2000, Zawahiri moved to Afghanistan.

In 2007, Al-Zawahiri directed the Lal Masjid siege in Pakistan.

What about the story in the Guardian that Ayman al Zawahiri is in a jail in Tehran?

"There may be more than one Ayman", says Ayman, with a wink!


Davy Jones was born in Manchester in the UK in 1945.

At the age of 11, he appeared in the UK soap opera Coronation Street.

In London, and then on Broadway, he played the part of the Artful Dodger in the musical Oliver!

He was 'lead singer' in the Monkees from 1966 to 1968.

In their 1968 movie the group sang:

Hey, hey, we are the Monkees
You know we love to please
A manufactured image
With no philosophies.

The movie reportedly had deep roots in California's Laurel Canyon, and CIA brainwashing.

(Laurel Canyon Part I)

The Monkees Michael Nesmith set up Pop Clips which developed into MTV, which is rumoured to be linked to the CIA.

According to Alex Constantine:

There have been Congressional testimonies from CIA operatives who admitted... that they have "driven some of these musicians to their deaths"...

It's known that Joan Baez was used in CIA mind control experimentation at a very early age...

Operation Chaos ... entailed assassinating political leaders and musicians who spoke openly against the Nixon regime.

The clearest example... is Brian Jones...


Joseph Kony, whose brainwashed child soldiers work for the CIA.

In Uganda, Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, 'which is a US and Mossad-backed guerilla force'.

According to Richard Cottrell, a former Conservative Member of the European Parliament, the US is playing both sides in Uganda.

According to Cottrell:

The job of the the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is to destabilize areas of Africa rich in minerals, such as Uganda, the Congo and Sudan.

Joseph Kony 'has been on the CIA's books for years.'

The LRA kidnaps children.

These children appear to be subjected to CIA 'MK-Ultra' brainwashing, to turn them into killers.

(The torture of American children, by the US military?.)

CIA child-soldier in Uganda

Kony's job is to provide the USA with the perfect excuse to invade Uganda on the pretext of inciting another humanitarian mission.

Yoweri Museveni, the dictator of Uganda, is also a CIA asset.

The CIA and its friends are supporting both sides.

"The aim is to destabilize the entire region so effectively that most of it can be effectively controlled under the disguise of the usual humanitarian mission.

"The vast mineral reserves (copper, diamonds, gold, uranium, and oil, for starters) can then he handed on a plate to western exploiters."

"A hundred US trainers heading for Uganda may not sound LIKE much but remember that was how the Vietnam imbroglio kicked off."

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press.


CIA video?

"An organisation unknown to me called 'Invisible Children' have released a video called Kony 2012...


"Joseph Kony will be the new ‘devil’ (see Saddam and Gaddafi) and western troops will have to invade to remove Kony from Uganda .

"At the same time, they will take control of the mineral assets and place their puppets in control of Uganda ."

MORE HERE: Kony 2012 Invisible Children - CIA?

"IF THE US GOAL WAS TO GET JOSEPH KONY don't you think they could just use one or two PREDATOR DRONES?

"I don't for a minute believe Invisible Children is an independent do-good outfit. They are paving the way (with Kony, brutal as he is, as the bogeyman) for AFRICOM which would then make it easier for U.S. to control the rich oil fields in the northern part of Uganda, in South Sudan, in Congo's lake Albert region, and in Central Africa." - INVISIBLE CHILDREN has made a First Class propaganda.

Uganda is famous for Idi Amin, sex tourism and AIDS

Israelis have reportedly been involved in military coups in Uganda. (MOSSAD IN AFRICA, 'AIDED BY THE CIA AND AMERICAN TRADE UNIONS')

General Idi Amin once ruled Uganda.

When Amin had been a non-commissioned officer in the British Army he had helped to manage Britain's concentration camps in Kenya.

"Amin was picked by the British to replace the elected Ugandan government in a 1971 coup."

"Amin brutalized his people with British and US military aid and with Israeli and CIA training of his troops." (

Amin fell out with the Israelis and was toppled.

Johnny Gosch is reportedly one of those tortured by the US military. / Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million

Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control.

In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. (Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million)

Bonacci in his testimony referred to the involvement of top members of the US military and top politicians in child abuse.

The Washington Times reported that Paul Bonacci had access to the White House living quarters.

After Conflict, Ugandans Return Home with USAID (CIA FRONT) Help


Paul McBride

On 4 March 2012, Paul McBride, a top Scottish lawyer, was found dead in his room at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, in Pakistan.

Paul McBride QC was Roman Catholic and gay.

McBride had been in Lahore, with fellow lawyer Aamer Anwar, attending a series of business meetings...

McBride attended a wedding where he met high ranking government ministers and army officials.

In April 2011, while in Glasgow, McBride was sent a parcel bomb.

Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, comforts Aamer Anwar at McBride's funeral

Trevor Muirhead, 43, from Kilwinning, and Neil McKenzie, 42, from Saltcoats, both Ayrshire, are now on trial for plotting to kill Celtic boss Neil Lennon, Member of the Scottish Parliament Trish Godman, the late QC Paul McBride and various members of the Irish Republican group Cairde Na Heireann in Glasgow by sending them explosive devices.

In Scotland, in 2014, there is to be a referendum in which the Scots will be asked to vote for or against 'independence'.

Certain voters might turn against 'independence' if there is a large degree of sectarian strife in Scotland.

The UK government has been accused of involvement in assassinations and sectarian murders in Northern Ireland.

Aangirfan is in favour of independence for Scotland, so long as it is real independence.

Glasgow is more gay than Paris and has more gangsters than Chicago, allegedly.

Some of the Glasgow drugs gangs have links to Pakistan and to Northern Ireland.


On 5 November 2011, Paul McBride QC, one of the Scottish Conservative party's leading supporters, resigned with a denunciation of the party ...

aangirfan: QUEER GOINGS ON



"Mohamed Merah" One witness described the killer as "quite fat" and having a tattoo or scar on his face. (BBC News )w

The alleged Toulouse shooter, Mohamed Merah, would appear to be an innocent patsy.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah had never been in prison in Afghanistan.

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was a fun-loving young chap who liked girls, who was described as being popular and polite, but who had been in trouble with the law.

French shooting suspect not jailed in Afghanistan

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin, has said that Merah was in prison in France at the time he was supposed to be in Afghanistan.

According to Reuters, the Kandahar governor's office has said that "security forces in Kandahar have never detained a French citizen named Mohamed Merah."

One might suppose that French Interior Minister Claude Gueant was lying when he said that Merah had been to Afghanistan, and had carried out his killings in revenge for what he had witnessed there.

In Pakistan, an intelligence official said that Merah had never been arrested in Pakistan either. "We have no information about him," the Pakistani official said.

"Mohamed Merah"

According to Whatreallyhappened: "Merah was never in jail in Afghanistan and was still in France during the time he was claimed to be in jail in Afghanistan.

"More and more it looks like this guy was a patsy for a false-flag operation to build sympathy for Israel and a 'wag the dog' to take the media focus off of the massacre of 16 civilians (9 children) by Americans in Afghanistan earlier this month." -


Of course it is possible that the French secret service smuggled Merah out of jail in France so that he could work for them in Afghanistan.

Sarkozy's Poll Lead After Shootings

Reportedly, the REAL Mohamed Merah was not an Islamic fanatic.

Merah talked about 'cars, bikes and girls'

"Just a few weeks ago, Mohamed Merah partied at a nightclub, and an acquaintance noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

"Another friend said the former car body shop worker liked to talk about 'cars, bikes, girls and sports'.

One might suppose that Prosecutor Francois Molins was lying when he told reporters that Merah was a self-taught Salafi Muslim who had been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in Pakistan.

The official story is that Merah called a French television journalist and told him he carried out the attacks to protest France's ban on veils in public places, the nation's military presence in Afghanistan and in revenge for the deaths of 'Palestinian children'.

One might assume that this official story is a load of lying nonsense.

According to the acquaintance at the nightclub, Mehdi Nedder, Merah was not a fanatic.


A friend of Merah's, Kamel, says that Merah "was respectful and generous."

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin said the shooting attacks didn't fit the profile of Merah, whom he first represented in 2004, when Merah was a teenager.

"He was a polite and courteous boy" who used to work in a body shop, Etelin said. "He gave the impression of being in French social life."

Merah is a common name, and an Afghan citizen called Merah escaped from his prison cell in Kandahar province in a 2008, according to Kandahar provincial spokesman Ahmad Jawed Faisal. Faisal says their records also show that Merah was an Afghan citizen from Kandahar province.

In Germany, a senior intelligence official said that he had never seen the French Merah's name come up.

Mohamed Merah's last conviction, on 24 February, was for a minor motorcycle accident and driving without a permit. He was sentenced to a month in prison, and was supposed to start serving his sentence in April.

Etelin said he had known Merah since Merah was about 17, and described his life as typical for many teenagers in poor French housing projects who get involved in petty crime.

"His mother couldn't control him, his father was totally absent, his sister ... also told me that she couldn't exercise any influence over him," the lawyer said.