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A powerful pedophile ring in Belgium kidnapped large numbers of kids, tortured them and killed them.

Top politicians and generals worldwide were linked to the Dutroux ring.

The original official story on 'Julie and Melissa', two of the victims, appears to be a load of lies.

The official story was that Julie and Melissa starved to death in Dutroux's dungeon.

"According to the autopsy reports, Julie et Melissa didn't die from hunger or thirst as the authorities claim.

"According to the official coronary report, they died because of various tortures (I won't go into details here).

"The point is that the whole official story claiming that nobody met the 2 girls during the weeks prior to their deaths doesn't make sense any more.

"In addition during this time Dutroux was in jail.

"So someone else tortured, abused and killed the two girls.

"Therefore the theory of the crazy lone pedophile collapses.

"In addition, the coronar pictures were taken from the Belgian cardinal Daneels, who kept them for years, thus suppressing a major piece of evidence that shows that indeed a pedophile ring (including church officials?) was involved."

Laurent Louis Scandal / Dutroux network

Laurent Louis

On 11 January 2012, Laurent Louis is in the headlines for accusing the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo of leading a dissolute private life and mentioning pedophilia on his Twitter account.

On 19 April 2012, he holds a press conference on pedophilia in which he denounced the existence of networks and brandished two pictures from the autopsy report on Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, both victims in the case Dutroux .

He said the autopsy report shows that the victims had been sexually abused after death or shortly before death, while Dutroux was in jail.

They officially died of starvation during his absence.

He has published the text of the autopsy report on his website, which has since become inaccessible. The previous week he had already published an anonymous letter alleging pedophilia committed by Belgian personalities.

Laurent Louis - Wikip├ędia


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