Friday, May 25, 2012


Nica Rothschild.

There is a new book on the Rothschilds.

"The Baroness: The Search For Nica, The Rebellious Rothschild" has been written by Hannah Rothschild, brother of Nat.

Nica Rothschild was the brother of Victor Rothschild, who allegedly pulled the strings of Churchill, Thatcher and Heath, while giving away secrets to Israel.

Nica's sister Miriam was a decoder at Bletchley, during World War II.

Nica's sister Elizabeth, known as Liberty, suffered from schizophrenia.

Nica's father was Nathaniel Charles Rothschild, who was interested in fleas, and who "went mad and in 1923 shot himself." He was 'suffering from encephalitis' and possibly schizophrenia.

Nica's mother was from Transylvania.

Nica and Thelonious.

Nica is famous because:

1. Nica stayed in her French chateau well into 1940.

She escaped from the Nazis 'in the last boat'.

2. In 1949, she left her husband and five children.

3. In the USA, she lived with the black jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk.

4. Saxophonist Charlie Parker died mysteriously in her apartment.

5. She was charged with marijuana possession by the police


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