Friday, May 25, 2012


Robin Gibb - centre

Robin Gibb, a close friend of Tony Blair, was married to Dwina, a bisexual druid.

In 1971, Robin Gibb performed in Israel, and praised Israel in an interview with Uri Geller.

Robin Gibb, Friend of Israel, RIP: 2/3 Bee Gees Gone

Israel Oh take me back into into your arms, Israel Israel Israel Israel, Israel

Robin Gibb owned a £3million mansion in Florida, which he loaned to Tony and Cherie Blair for a holiday in 2006.

Robin Gibb's first wife was Molly.

"While Molly raised their two young children at their home in Surrey, Robin enjoyed countless one-night stands in America - more than 100 by his own estimation."

Robin Gibb supported the UK military.

"One of his passions was to highlight Britain's debt to our troops...

"He was also a major supporter and fund-raiser for the Bomber Command Memorial being built in London's Green Park."

Reportedly, Bee Gee Robin Gibb hired a hitman to kill his wife.

The Bee Gee who hired a hitman to bump off his wife ... - Daily Mail

In 1980, Robin Gibb tried to burgle his wife's home in the South of England.

Gibb believed that his estranged wife Molly Hullis was involved in a plot to rob him of £5 million.

Gibb was searching for evidence.

FBI files show that Gibb was investigated after allegations that he had threatened to kill his wife's London lawyers.

In a telegram to solicitors Haymon & Walters in March 1981, Gibb wrote 'Know (sic) one walks all over me . . . I have had enough. I have taken out a contract. It is now a question of time.’


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