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Alan Turing - murdered?

There is a belief that a powerful cabal supported both sides in World War II.

The belief is that this cabal financed Hitler, supported Churchill and helped to plan Pearl Harbour.

Reportedly, the cabal manipulates both 'fascists' and 'Zionists'.

A top blogger has pointed out the contrasting fates of Alan Turing and Lord Sempill

Lord Sempill - protected

Lord Sempill was a member of the Right Club, founded in Britain in 1939, the main object of which was "to oppose and expose the activities of Organized Jewry."

Other members included Lord Redesdale, the 5th Duke of Wellington, the Duke of Westminster, the Marquess of Graham, and the Earl of Galloway.

Lord Sempill gave away British secrets to the fascists in Japan, thus helping them attack Pearl Harbour.

Lord Sempill was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service during the war. 

Sempill was presumably working for 'the cabal' and thus was protected from prosecution, along with people like Lord Ted Rothschild and RICHARD MEINERTZHAGEN a TOP ZIONIST SPY?

Alan Turing worked at Bletchley Park.

Alan Turing was Britain's top code breaker during World war II and is the father of computer science.

"It has been estimated that the work of Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley Park shortened the war by between two and four years..."

The cabal presumably did not want the war shortened by 2-4 years.

Pearl Harbour

Turing's Bletchley Park discovered what Lord Sempill was up to.

In August 1941, Churchill met Roosevelt. The Japanese quickly obtained details of the meeting.

The encrypted notes, sent by a spy to Japan, were intercepted and decoded at Bletchley Park.

An investigation concluded that only two men could have created the notes: a Commander McGrath and Lord Sempill.

Churchill intervened to protect Lord Sempill.

Sempill continued to spy for the Japanese.

Only in 2002 were classified documents about his activities released into the public domain.


Some people believe that Turing was framed and murdered.

In 1952 Turing was accused of being gay.

He was given the choice of prison or chemical castration.

Reportedly, he chose to be castrated.

On the 8th of June 1954 Turing was found dead.

Lord Sempill was never prosecuted.


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