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Terry Williams, who committed murder, but who should not be executed. 

We are opposed to capital punishment.

"FIVE MONTHS before Terrance Williams, at age 18, murdered the man whose slaying has landed him on Pennsylvania's death row, he murdered another man.

"Between those murders, Williams pulled an armed robbery, court records show.

"Before that, at age 16, Williams broke into the Mount Airy home of an elderly couple on Christmas Eve...

"This is the chilling criminal history of the man who has supporters coming out of the woodwork trying to save his life as his Oct. 3 execution date nears."

Death-row inmate gains support despite a chilling rap sheet

"Throughout his childhood, Terry suffered prolonged violent physical and sexual abuse from older males.

"Born into poverty with a violently abusive mother and absent father, Terry faced abuse and neglect in his home that made him vulnerable to sexual predators.

"He was first raped by an older boy when he was only six years old, and he continued to suffer sexual abuse for the next twelve years...

"As a teenager, Terry became acquainted with two middle-aged men who used their influence as a church leader and as a sports booster to get access to young boys.

"These men sexually abused and brutally exploited Terry.

"After years of suffering unimaginable horrors, when he was 17- and 18-years old, Terry killed these two men – and now faces death...

"The jury thus did not hear any evidence about the relentless abuse Terry faced, nor did they know that the two men he killed were in fact his abusers.

"Jurors have stated that that if they had known all the facts aboutTerry's background and his abuse by the men he killed, they would not have voted for death.

"The widow of the man whose killing resulted in Terry’s death sentence has forgiven Terry and does not want him to be executed..."

Pennsylvania is preparing to execute Terry on October 3, 2012

Grant Clemency to Terrance Williams, Survivor of Child Abuse -







Painting by Colin Park.

'At one point, I saw a picture I particularly liked - a painting of Solway Firth by a fellow named Colin Park.....

"I was prepared to buy it then and there even if I had to carry it all the way to John O'Groats under my arm."

- Bill Bryson, Notes From A Small Island.

Colin Park at work

Paintings by Colin Park

om a Small Island"from: "Notes from a Small Island"


Jack Straw (right) UK Foreign Minister at the time of 9 11.

Jack Straw supported the invasion of Iraq. 

Richard Ingrams in The Independent wondered whether Straw's predecessor as Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, was removed at George Bush's request.[27] 

One of Jack Straw's maternal great-grandparents was a JewishGerman immigrant.[1] 

Straw and Rice

Reportedly George Bush eventually had Jack Straw sacked as UK Foreign Secretary.

Jack Straw's son, William Straw, was cautioned by Police for drug dealing.

Jack Straw has a brother who was convicted of a sex attack on a schoolgirl. 

(Labour politicians.)

Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Website for this image

Jack Straw has been linked to the trial of the leader of the Liberal Party, Jeremy Thorpe, who was accused of trying to murder 'his boyfriend'.

In 2002, a tape-recording surfaced of Harold Wilson discussing the scandal and saying: "Look, I saw Jack Straw, he's very worried if he were mentioned in this context, he thinks he'll be finished."[5]

Jack Straw's mother, daughter of a bus mechanic.

Jack Straw has written "Last Man Standing: Memoirs of a Political Survivor", to be published in September 2012.

From this we learn:

1. Jack Straw's father, Arthur Straw, was born in a coal mining village.

When World War II broke out, Arthur Straw was imprisoned as a conscientious objector.

Jack Straw, as a baby, with his father

2. Jack Straw's parents had a stormy marriage.

"We’d hear the trading of insults, the pots being smashed down on the draining board and cupboard doors slammed in the kitchen below."

Straw reveals:

3. As a nine years old child, Jack Straw witnessed his mother's brothers beating up his father, Arthur Straw.

"Around lunchtime the following day I smelt gas, lots of it. I went into the kitchen, and found my father slumped over the table...

"I turned the taps off and went to get my mother. She was furious. She stormed into the kitchen, and told my father that if he was intending to take his life, not to involve the children."

Jack Straw, aged 13

4. Jack Straw was sent to a boarding school, called Brentwood.

His parents separated.

Jack's father "couldn’t even manage a card on our birthdays."

5. Jack ran away from his school more than once.

"I had to run like mad at one point to get away from a man who offered me a shilling for my bus fare if I went with him into the bushes."

His headmaster said that "good order would break down if a boy continued to run away."

The headmaster than caned him, three strokes on the backside.

6. Jack Straw became a school prefect.

A fifteen years old boy was found dead in his study, gassed.

"Only the night before I and another prefect had had to have words with him.

"I’ve often wondered whether this talking-to had in any way tipped xxx over the edge. I’ll never know for sure, but it turned out that xxx had given his reasons in a suicide note.

"He believed that he was gay - ‘queer’ in the brutal parlance of the time. He could not discuss this with his parents or anyone at the school...

"The year before, two boys had been expelled for homosexual activities...

"The truth of xxx's death was hushed up. The whole school was warned not to say anything. The coroner referred to the note and ‘some fearful burden’ on Robertson’s mind but didn’t say what it was."

Jack Straw, who became boss of the National Union of Students.

7.  After Jack Straw left Leeds University he became President of the National Union of Students.

(The security service MI5 likes to recruit leading student figures, who then become leading politicians.)

8.  Jack Straw's first wife was Anthea Weston, who developed anorexia.

In 1976, Jack and Anthea produced a child called Rachel.

Rachel was six days old when she died.

9. Jack Straw became a Member of Parliament.

He writes: "I now fell into a serious depression, accompanied by terrible nightmares."

He went to see a psychoanalyst.

"I continue to see him occasionally," he writes


"A doctor named Ross MacLean administered LSD and another hallucinogenic drug, mescaline, to me in different doses and supervised my trips." - Moon River & Me, by Andy Williams

Andy Williams's wife was tried for murder.

Allegedly, Andy Williams had an affair with Bobby Kennedy's widow.

Williams was in his dressing room at the Ambassador Hotel when Bobby Kennedy was shot there in 1968.

Andy Williams' wife was tried for murder - and rumours of ... - Daily Mail

Andy and Bobby Williams

A year after Bobby Kennedy's death, Andy named his newborn son 'Bobby' Williams. Williams served as escort to Ethel, during events in the 1970s.

Andy Williams, born in Iowa, had a strict, Presbyterian upbringing.

The Williams family moved to Los Angeles, and in 1944, theWilliams Brothers appeared with Bing Crosby on the hit record "Swinging on a Star".

Aged 16, Andy Williams's voice , aged 16, was allegedly used to dub the voice of 19-year-old Lauren Bacall in the film, To Have And Have Not.

After World War II, Andy Williams, aged 22, began an affair with comedienne Kay Thompson, aged 40.

Kay Thompson with the Williams Brothers.

In 1960, in Las Vegas, Williams met and then married 18-year-old, French-born showgirl, Claudine Longet.

Among their friends were Senator Bobby Kennedy and astronaut John Glenn.

Andy Williams discovered The Osmonds and helped bring fame to the Jacksons.

Andy William's nephews.

In 1975 Andy divorced Claudine; one cause was the rumour linking Williams with Bobby Kennedy’s widow, Ethel.

In 1976, Longet was charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend,alpine ski racer Spider Sabich, in Aspen.

Allegedly, a blood sample taken from Claudine showed signs of cocaine use.

Because of procedural errors by police, the evidence was inadmissible in court.

Longet claimed the shooting was accidental, and eventually received 30 days in jail.

Andy Williams spoke up for Claudine (pictured) in court.

Shortly thereafter, Longet went on holiday in Mexico with herdefense lawyer Ron Austin, whom she married in June 1985.

In 1991, Williams married Debbie Meyer, a woman 30 years his junior.

Read more:


Jeff Chevalier, the male prostitute who had dinner with Tony Blair and Lord Browne.

"The encounter casts revealing light on the two men - and on the overlap that exists between theirbusiness and their personal relationships." The TRUE story about Lord Browne - by ex-rent boy lover | Mail Online

UK Prime Minister Ted Heath 'stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career'.

Cottaging involves picking up young males in public toilets.

According to T Stokes: Blair as Miranda.

"In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets.

"The police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings.

"Charles Lynton was at university well known as 'Miranda' a promiscous cross dresser who played a guitar badly.

"Charles Lynton is Tony Blair's middle names...

"The NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes has said they listened in to all Tony Blairs calls, as the US senate saw him as a lightweight 'pinnochio' figure...

"Peter Mandelson (who has a boyfriend) is controlling director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children...

"When Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer) was Children's Minister she lived next door to Tony Blair.

Rantzen in red and black.

"They also knew childline funders Sarah Caplin and Esther Rantzen, who are connected to TV mogul Michael Grade.

"The Metropolitan police tell us that a score of scandals have hit childrens homes across the country...

"Interestingly a score of names of frequent visitors to these care homes, including pop musicians DJs and top politicans, was D noticed by Tony Blair, including mention that Gordon Brown was close to several rent boys and Sarah Macauley was paid £50,000 to marry him and stay the course.

"This out of publisher Robert Maxwels 'Black Widow Fund' which went usually to zionist activists.

"Maxwells daughter Ghislaine is said to be fund adminstrator and close to Prince Andrew..."

Blair at Fettes (Website for this image). Scotland on Sunday revealed that the man who taught Tony Blair history, left Fettes following allegations including fondling boys while he caned them, watching children on the toilet and becoming aroused while meting out corporal punishment. Former Fettes pupil Lord MacLean, one of the judges at the Lockerbie trial, rallied around their former teacher, saying they do not have any recollection of him ever behaving in an inappropriate manner. 

Tony Blair, who is sometimes known as Miranda, attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh. 

One of the people Tony Blair had contact with at Fettes was Sir Knox Cunningham. 

According to John Rentoul's biography Tony Blair Prime Minister, Knox Cunningham would visit the school several times a year and he liked to visit the boys' quarters. 

Blair loved having discussions with Knox Cunningham. 

John Rentoul quotes one of Blair's contemporaries as saying: "Cunningham was the sort of man who liked boys." 

According to Martin Dillon's book "The Trigger Men", Knox Cunningham was homosexual and had links to people involved in a child sex abuse ring. 

According to Dillon: "William Mc Grath ... was a BritishIntelligence agent from the 1950s onwards... 

"He sought out young men and boys..." 

McGrath "knew Sir Knox Cunningham and other leading Unionist homosexuals. 

"Collectively, they were part of what today would be called a pedophile ring. 

"While researching my book God and the Gun, I spoke to a source about this 'ring' and he explained that there were several Boys’ Homes in Northern Ireland from which boys were picked up and taken to parties in Brighton, England. 

"McGrath ... had protection from the British Intelligence community before the Troubles began in earnest. 

"As my source said, 'top hats and royalty', meaning the English upper classes and people connected to the Royal Family, were part of a wider homosexual ring in which Mc Grath was an integral player." 

Ronald Selby-Wright and Princess Margaret 

At Fettes, Tony Blair was close friends with Ronald Selby Wright, a Church of Scotland minister with links to the military and to boys clubs. (Ronald Selby Wright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to John Rentoul, Tony Blair, in his final year at Fettes, ran a summer camp for Selby Wright's boys' club. 

Reportedly, Selby Wright was 'a persistent paedophile abusing boys at Fettes and elsewhere'. 

According to The Sunday Times, 25 May 1997, "Blair’s School Mentor Was a Sex Abuser." (The Biggest Secret - Chapter 18). 

Margaret Hodge, who is Jewish, is one of the 'secret' rulers of Britain. She once ran Islington Council in London. She was Tony Blair's Minister for Children.. 

On 16 November 2008, the Mail on Sunday told us How a close male relative of Baby P is linked to a big paedophile ring
This child-abuse ring operated in Labour-run Islington, the part of London where Tony Blair once lived. 

Reportedly, the ring supplied boys to top people. 

(This child abuse ring, reportedly, has links to the child abuse in Jersey, which in turn, reportedly, has links to the Dutroux affair and the security services) 

The close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring, according to a secret report seen by The Mail on Sunday. 

In the early 1990s, the relative, as a boy, was put in a children's home, in Labour-run Islington, in London. 

All 12 of the children's homes in Islington were being used by the child-abuse ring, which reportedly had links to top people. 


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Reportedly, Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama, appeared in porn mags.

Dinesh D'Souza, in his book: 'Obama’s America', alleges that Ann Dunham sent her son Barack to Hawaii so she could have sex with Indonesian men.

'Learning about Ann's sexual adventures in Indonesia, I realized how wrong I had been to consider Barack Obama Sr. the playboy … Ann … was the real playgirl, and despite all her reservations about power, she was using her American background and economic and social power to purchase the romantic attention of third-world men.'

A film claiming that Obama's mother posed for pornographic pictures in bondage gear, and that Obama's father is Frank Marshall Davis, is being sent to millions of swing voters in the USA.

With 'Dreams From My Real Father,' Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom? - Daily Beast‎

The film, 'Dreams From My Real Father' claims that Davis photographed Ann Dunham and sold the photos to magazines such as 'Bizarre Life', 'Exotique', and 'Secret Pleasures'.

The film claims that Obama’s grandfather was a CIA agent.

(Reportedly, both Frank Davis and Ann Dunham worked for the CIA.)

Left - Mark Davis, son of Frank Davis; right - Barack Obama

Left - Barck Obama; right - Lyn Davis, daughter of Frank Davis.

Ann Dunham

Reportedly, these are pictures of Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama.

The film, 'Dreams From My Real Father' has been made by Joel Gilbert, a pro-Israel Los Angeles based filmmaker known for films such as 'Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad's Coming War for Islamic Revival' and 'Farewell Israel."

Joel Gilbert

Gilbert reportedly studied at the London School of Economics, which has connections to MI6, and at George Washington University, which has connections to the CIA.

Some bloggers have claimed that the 'scar' on Barack Obama's head is evidence of a CIA mind-control implant.
Read more:

There is a Zionist faction of the CIA (Romney) and a Trilateralist faction of the CIA (Obama)

Both factions are fascist war mongers with mafia links, reportedly.