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"A doctor named Ross MacLean administered LSD and another hallucinogenic drug, mescaline, to me in different doses and supervised my trips." - Moon River & Me, by Andy Williams

Andy Williams's wife was tried for murder.

Allegedly, Andy Williams had an affair with Bobby Kennedy's widow.

Williams was in his dressing room at the Ambassador Hotel when Bobby Kennedy was shot there in 1968.

Andy Williams' wife was tried for murder - and rumours of ... - Daily Mail

Andy and Bobby Williams

A year after Bobby Kennedy's death, Andy named his newborn son 'Bobby' Williams. Williams served as escort to Ethel, during events in the 1970s.

Andy Williams, born in Iowa, had a strict, Presbyterian upbringing.

The Williams family moved to Los Angeles, and in 1944, theWilliams Brothers appeared with Bing Crosby on the hit record "Swinging on a Star".

Aged 16, Andy Williams's voice , aged 16, was allegedly used to dub the voice of 19-year-old Lauren Bacall in the film, To Have And Have Not.

After World War II, Andy Williams, aged 22, began an affair with comedienne Kay Thompson, aged 40.

Kay Thompson with the Williams Brothers.

In 1960, in Las Vegas, Williams met and then married 18-year-old, French-born showgirl, Claudine Longet.

Among their friends were Senator Bobby Kennedy and astronaut John Glenn.

Andy Williams discovered The Osmonds and helped bring fame to the Jacksons.

Andy William's nephews.

In 1975 Andy divorced Claudine; one cause was the rumour linking Williams with Bobby Kennedy’s widow, Ethel.

In 1976, Longet was charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend,alpine ski racer Spider Sabich, in Aspen.

Allegedly, a blood sample taken from Claudine showed signs of cocaine use.

Because of procedural errors by police, the evidence was inadmissible in court.

Longet claimed the shooting was accidental, and eventually received 30 days in jail.

Andy Williams spoke up for Claudine (pictured) in court.

Shortly thereafter, Longet went on holiday in Mexico with herdefense lawyer Ron Austin, whom she married in June 1985.

In 1991, Williams married Debbie Meyer, a woman 30 years his junior.

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